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25.10.2017 Startups

Veezoo: The Company Brain

Knowing the data, understanding the market and taking the right decisions is crucial for every business. Even though many companies are collecting large amounts of data, they still don’t really know how to use it, nor do they have the resources to properly analyse it. Veezoo democratizes the access to their data by offering a virtual assistant, that searches the data for the answers to the daily questions of a company. Businesses that use Veezoo can easily speak to it and the system uncovers valuable information hidden in the data.

Big Data – Big Idea
The idea of Veezoo came up during the #SIXHackathon 2015, where SIX provided the founders with data about spending behaviour from tourists in Switzerland and many questions around that data. The idea to create a software that answers any question and visualizes data beautifully was born.

As the former ETH students had a deep desire to build Veezoo and create an AI that would help people make better decisions, they decided to take on the opportunity to create a startup and let it grow within the F10 Accelerator & Incubator.


Visualizing the minds behind Veezoo
The two brothers Marcos and Joao Pedro Monteiro always had one goal: to build a successful business. Once the two ETH students had the idea for Veezoo in mind, they were looking for a person, that would perfectly match their mindset and complement their skills. Luckily they met Till Haug during their studies, who fit perfectly and didn’t hesitate for a second to join them and found the startup together.

JP: “I was about to start my Masters at ETH Zurich in Computer Science, when we developed the first prototype of Veezoo and had the unique opportunity to join F10. I decided to postpone my Masters for 1 year, then 2 years, etc. I knew that creating Veezoo was what I wanted to do, because it involved all the technical challenges that I was excited to pursue while at the same time growing a business and creating real, tangible value. The opportunity was there and I knew that I would have to take it now or never.”

Till: “I was still finishing my Computer Science studies at ETH when I joined Veezoo. Thanks to the perfect fit between what we are building and what I was focusing on at ETH, I could write my thesis on a very related topic to Veezoo. This way I could drive value to the company while finishing my degree. After studies, I took the opportunity to build a great company with a product using many areas that I love.”

Marcos: “After finishing my Masters in Statistics at ETH, I had two great opportunities: to build a startup now or to do a PhD and build a startup later. I concluded that, given my objective of building a successful business, the PhD would be unlikely to compensate its time spent, plus the opportunity of being the first startup at the F10 incubator. Hence, the best decision was to build the startup now.”

Everyone needs a source of inspiration and motivation. For JP and Marcos it was their father who showed them the deeper purpose of building a business. Knowing that they’re creating jobs and contributing to a better society is the biggest motivation to work through nights and weekends with passion and joy. Thus, big innovators like Elon Musk inspire Till, as Musk is tackling many big problems at the same time with his endeavours.


From Avocado, to Guaraná to… the best decisions
After graduating at F10, Veezoo started working with their first company, a provider of geo information systems. The incorporation to Veezoo AG allowed them to build up credibility and accelerate, raising interest from many more companies, particularly in the insurance sector.

Every quarter, Veezoo launches an updated version of its software. Each version is called according to the name of a different fruit, in alphabetical order. At the moment Veezoo is working with the “Guaraná version”.

In five years’ time, Veezoo aims to be helping millions of people to make better decisions faster!

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