Twice a year, F10 offers a 6-month "Prototype to Product" program (P2) in which Startups are supported in transitioning their prototype to a sellable product. Each team is supported by a coach from the F10 team as well as an external mentor.

F10 also offers an “Idea to Prototype” program (P1) and a Product to Market (P3) for support throughout the developmental cycle of new products, from their genesis as an idea through to emergence o the marketplace.

All teams will have access to working space at F10 in Zurich. However, Startups are not required to be on site for the duration of the program.

Coaching Zone

Are you ready to become an entrepreneur?

The Coaching Zone is a fertile pitch for pioneering thought, ideas, and guidance for the modern-day tech Startup. Packed with information and lifehacks, funding tips, tricks, and techniques, all the latest information for Startups can be found here.

P1: Idea to Prototype

This is a great opportunity to begin your Startup and find future co-founders with complementary skills

Complementary Skills-Good Team

Solve a problem that really hurts

Provide a Solid Lean Canvas

Do research & Customer interviews

Prototype & Pitching in front of a jury

F10 offers a 48-hour Design Thinking Idea Boot Camp, which aims to transfer an idea into a validated prototype. The goal is to stimulate idea generation and to support new ideas.

The coaching is provided by F10 and specialists from our board corporate members are invited to support the teams. The participants form teams of three and pick one of three challenges during the first round of P1.


Criteria for the Participants

We seek individuals or teams who want to be challenged, explore new ideas, and who are eager to problem-solve and have a curious mindset.

We encourage diversity of gender/background/career paths (employees from corporate partners, FinTech experts, students, techies, business people).

This is a 48-hour workshop at the F10 offices in Zurich. Food will be provided, but not housing.


Our P1 program is tailored to not only the needs of the market, but to the specific trends and the demand of teams in our rapidly changing world.

P2: Prototype to Product

The program offers lessons and workshops grouped into five units

Vision, Team, Strategy

Business, Product & Technology

Marketing & Sales

Legal & Regulations

Demo Day & Graduation

Our six-month program for early-stage FinTech Startups who want to turn their prototype into a sellable product, generate traction and raise funding.

F10 helps you to solve the #1 problems FinTechs face: selling your product to big banks and insurance companies. Our program goes way beyond corporate exposure, we facilitate targeted collaboration platforms for our Startups and Corporate Members, and each Startup benefits from a dedicated F10 Coach that will help you build successful partnerships with incumbents. Plus: Startups receive exclusive access to the F10 FinTech Sandbox that offers test data provided by F10 Corporate Members.

F10 offers Startups a comprehensive package worth CHF 250’000 that includes the following perks:

  • 6 masterclass weeks in Zurich with seasoned experts covering product ideation and development, team, customer acquisition, legal and regulation, as well as fundraising and financials
  • Access to all F10 Corporate Members that can help you to validate your product and generate traction via PoC or pilot project
    Individual coaching by our F10 Startup Coaches around go-to-market, product development, and fundraising
  • Exclusive access to the F10 FinTech Sandbox including test data provided by leading financial service players, as well as a PSD2 Sandbox
  • Access to the F10 investor network as well as extensive coaching that will make you fit for your first funding round
  • Access to our 100+ mentors that cover subject matter expertise and business contacts in all relevant areas and industries
  • Access to the international F10 ecosystem that spans all relevant FinTech hubs in Europe, as well as F10 Singapore
  • Free office space and CHF 15’000 expense coverage per Startup (paid out in three tranches and subject to milestone deliverables)
  • Support with incorporation, housing, and recruiting in Switzerland

We require two co-founders being present for all five masterclasses, as well as four milestone deliverables during the program.

Teams who want to apply need to have a validated prototype (includes wireframes) of their product that solves a relevant problem within the financial industry. Incorporation is not required at the time of the program start. F10 requires 4% equity per startup participating in the P2 program.


Program Criteria

The program is intended for international teams or Startups with a prototype in FinTech, RegTech, or InsurTech. The definition of a prototype can be very broad; most important is that a real problem has been identified and validated and that the needs of potential customers are addressed. Teams and Startups do not need to be incorporated or complete to participate in the program.

P3: Product to Market

Developing working products for the next generation marketplace

F10 provides a mechanism for fostering meaningful collaboration between Startups and F10 corporate members to produce a POC (Proof of Concept) – despite having differing speeds, scales, and mentalities.


Reasons you should apply at F10

Comprehensive programs adjusted to your stage, beginning with ideation through prototyping and getting your product on the market

In-depth experience of all aspects of the financial industry and top-level access to big financial players

Access to our global network of banks, regulators, angels, and VCs. For example, SIX is owned by 140 national and international banks

Expenses coverage CHF 15k per team for attending the P2 «Prototype to Product» program

Full attention in the form of intense and close coaching during the P2 «Prototype to Product» program. The highly qualified Startup Coaches dedicate 100% of their time to the Startups which results in a 20% time investment for each Startup

Internationally renowned mentors and coaches guiding you on your path to success

Central location in the heart of Zurich and also within walking distance of major technology and financial institutions


Our extensive team of first-rate mentors is poised to help you grow and develop your company the right way, through careful guidance that keeps you on the right track.

Kamales Lardi

What is the best approach for Startup – corporate collaboration? How can Startups leverage the broad experiences, in-depth industry expertise and abundant resources of corporates to build successful businesses? Kamales Lardi has developed a strong sense for how corporates operate based on more than 16 years of consulting experience in Europe and Asia. In addition, since founding Lardi & Partner Consulting in 2012, she has been working with corporates, particularly in the banking and financial services industry, to develop digital transformation strategies. These include understanding digital consumer behaviour and preferences, assessing the digital business landscape, as well as utilising online channels to engage new customer segments and markets. Having built her business from scratch, Kamales also understands the opportunities and challenges that entrepreneurs face in developing a clear value proposition that benefits target customers and how to best take product/service offerings to market. Leveraging her extensive experience in corporate strategy, business process optimization and technology implementation, Kamales will be able to provide pragmatic insights into building a sustainable business. Originally from Malaysia, Kamales has been living in Europe since 2003. As a trusted advisor for corporate management teams, she has developed working styles and ethics that have gained respect from her clients. Kamales is also a published author, keynote speaker and member of the MBA Advisory Board at Durham University, UK.

Julien Arnold

Julien is the founder and former CEO of the multi-banking app Numbrs, which became the number one banking app in the German market with over 1 million connected bank accounts. Following this he was named a Partner at Centralway and was responsible for all Business Development related topics at the swiss company builder. As a Member of the Board of Directors of Venture Capital Investor Centralway Ventures, he has invested in several international financial technology companies. Currently, he is starting a new fintech venture called Clinc, an artificial intelligence company, helping users to save and invest money automatically. Furthermore, he was named one of the top ten CEOs who are disrupting finance with Technology by Prior to his career in financial technology he was involved with building up Groupon for the well known international company builder Rocket Internetas a senior manager. He also acted as Chief Revenue Officer at swiss market leader in group buying DeinDeal which got sold to swiss media company Ringier. I have in-depth knowledge about the european Fintech market, especially in B2C business models. He is specialized in retail business models and go to market strategies for user centric businesses in the financial technology sector. He strongly believes that the Switzerland can become one of the main centres for financial technology services in the world. Having a strong history in financial services as well as entrepreneurship, Switzerland is the best market to establish a Fintech company. F10 plays an important role in the swiss Fintech industry by offering not only seed money but strong industry know how paired with the ability to give access to big financial players.

Thomas Ankenbrand

Thomas holds a Master’s degree from the University of St. Gallen and a PhD in AI from the University of Lausanne. He founded several companies and have broad experience as CEO and board member of various companies in the financial industry. He is currently engaged in FinTech research at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. In addition, he is serving as a board member of different companies and as a lecturer at the University of Zurich. Due to his experiences, startups can expect support on the business side and an understanding of the technical issues. He is working with the F10 because it’s great to help to design and implement the future banking system.

David Keast

David has a successful track record in Strategic Business Development, founding B2B technology companies, building strategic partnerships, acquiring / growing enterprise customers, and identifying / executing transformative opportunities. Over the past two years he has been bringing his 20 years ofentrepreneurial strategic business development experience to mobile / internet businesses and investment funds (particularly in the payments sector) through Corniche Growth Advisors. Mandates have included introducing mobile payments into the retail fuel sector in Europe and growing a mobile escrow payments service in Europe. During 2008-2014 he was a founding shareholder in Forbes Digital Commerce (a Lotaris SA company), and primarily responsible for the strategic direction and execution in the company. They were a Red Herring Global Top 100 Company - based in Switzerland with subsidiaries in Japan, Singapore and San Francisco - a global mobile payments service provider, providing cloud-based licensing and payment services to both large enterprises (such as Symantec, Sega and Capcom) and smaller mobile app developers. They also executed a global strategic agreement with MasterCard to be their mobile enabler in various industry verticals. He spends a lot of time in Silicon Valley and he is currently based in Singapore for 2 years to build the Asian business. Amongst others, he also co-founded and built Accelon, a satellite-based broadband provider in West Africa, with the backing of Luxembourg-based SES Astra, and Africa Venture Partners (AVP), a private equity advisory company in the TMT sector. He helps startups with international strategic business development, including key customers and partnerships, go to market strategies and fund raising, based on an in-depth understanding of the business and sector. As an entrepreneur, he gets a kick out of working with enthusiastic people with innovative ideas, and find it very satisfying helping to boost new ventures. He is also a mentor with Fintech Fusion, Switzerland's Geneva-based fintech accelerator program, and with the Swiss Finance and Technology Association.

Marc Maret

Marc Maretis co-founder and CEO at Infocentric. He successfully founded and develops Infocentric since 2007 and grew it to one of the leading consulting & delivery management firms for digital transformation in Switzerland. Infocentric supports clients to unleash the power of internet and intranet to improve business results and right place for digital support in managing relationships or driving employee productivity. The services of Infocentric range from strategy advisory through conceptual and service design to software delivery in selected, leading technologies. He is also investor an non-executive advisor of various companies such as Power-Blox an award-winning Swiss start-up company which has created a revolutionary solar energy system for developing and emerging markets.

Matthias Frieden

After having worked as a business editor for almost five years, Matthias made his MBA at INSEAD in Paris & Singapore. And then changed to the insurance industry, where he held positions in underwriting, pricing, strategy and risk management both in Switzerland and the UK. Keen on more entrepreneurial freedom, he quits his last role as Global Head Risk & Technology Office at Zurich Financial Services back in 2012. While still in a corporate role, he had started to work with start-ups and joined the business angel network Go Beyond, whose Zurich group he leds for two years. He is now a business angel and deal leader with Go Beyond, have board positions and he is jury member of the Swiss startup initiative Venture Kick.

Dessy Todorova

Dessy is a seasoned global executive with 18 years of experience in general management, marketing (B2C, B2B), digital, media and communication. She has worked on local, regional, and global levels, handling projects ranging from startups to global business expansion. In her latest corporate assignment Dessy was Brand Development Director at Bata Brands, heading global marketing and communications for 20+ brands in 70+ countries. She has previously managed brands such as Häagen Dazs, KFC, and Dunkin’ Donuts. Currently she is developing two startups in the field of FinTech & InsurTech. She speaks six languages, has an alumna of Harvard Business School (MBA), and holds two more master’s degrees (Finance, Law).

Joel Blom

Joel is a financial executive with over 30 years experience. Since 2000 he has been executive and founder of entrepreneurial financial companies. He was a founder and COO of thinkorswim Group, Inc., online brokerage, money manager, and software developer, which is now owned by TD Ameritrade. He also served as its senior principal as it grew from startup to over $3 billion of customer assets. Recently, he has worked on founding a bank in Malta, an online capital markets portal, and was a founding investor and board member of Plan BFunding in the UK, which consults to banks on liability strategy. He is currently working on a venture to build the first new equity listing exchange in the US since the NASDAQ as well as payment vehicles using blockchains. Prior to thinkorswim, he worked as an executive in National Australia Bank’s US operation for over a decade managing e-commerce, commercial operations, and treasury management. While working for National Australia he served as a board member for NYCE Corporation and Mondex USA. Earlier in his career he worked for IBM and as a strategy consultant. Joel holds both a BA and MBA (with distinction) from the University of Michigan.

Jill Allemang

Jill and jallé - the Zurich-based business she founded - help leaders and leadership teams roll-out their visions and strategies to increase results in implementation. Her more than 10 years of experience growing an entrepreneurial consultancy builds on a foundation of leading business strategy for large international organizations (i.e. Global Business Director for Dow Chemical, based in Switzerland) and helping communicate strategy effectively (i.e. Managing Director, Europe for Root Inc.). With broad industry experience supporting client teams in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Jill looks forward to helping start-up leaders communicate their strategies to get results as they interact with the stakeholders who matter to their success. Jill holds a master’s degree from Northwestern University, plus both master’s and bachelor’s degrees from The Ohio State University (USA), and is a Swiss, US dual citizen.

Ruediger Petrikowski

Ruediger started his carrier as bank professional. Afterwards he studied in Germany, Sweden and China and holds a Master’s degree in Business Engineering & Management from the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany. He has more than 20 years experiences in the telecommunication, media, technology, payment and collection industry as CFO, M&A, Corporate Finance and Business Development professional in senior leadership roles in Germany (Thyssen Telecom) and Switzerland (Swisscom, PubliGroupe/Publicitas). He is experienced in transforming business in different life cycles (start-up, growth and turn around) and advises companies in the digital transformation. Ruediger has a passion for fast-faced, technology business environments, to implement innovations in new business concept and to bring ideas to live. He has a good technical understanding. However, he can support the start-up much better in economics, financials and deal structuring. Building a business plan with financial projection, developing a convincing investment story to materialise funds, being due diligence ready, negotiation with investors and access to investors are key areas of valuable support a start-up should work with Ruediger. Ruediger likes to share his knowledge. He is lecture of Mergers & Acquisitions at the Kalaidos University of applied science in Zurich and mentored students by preparing their empirical final thesis. Driven by his investor focus and finance background he is co-founder of the Fintech Angels as chapter of the Swiss ICT Investment Club and is fascinated to be part to shape the future of the Fintech scene.

Alex Fries

Alex founded Ecosystem Ventures in January of 2006, to address the pending need for investment and support in European technologies and pre-seed-stage companies. He brings over 20 years of progressive experience in founding, funding, and managing startups that provide technology, products, and services to various Industries. His most recent entrepreneurial experiences include the co-founding of Playspan Inc (e-commerce & mirco-payment platform for online gaming) and sold to VISA International in 2011 , SDK Biotechnologies Inc. (Diagnostics) and PURE SWISS AG (Beverage brand). In 2001 he also co-founded the ETH spin-off SVOX AG, where he led the marketing, business development, and strategic partnerships teams and sold to Nuance Communications Inc in 2011. He currently live in Silicon Valley and he is a General Partner of his second fund called PolytechEcosystem Ventures. You should work with him because he knows the startup world from seed to exit. He knows the funding world and strategies to get funded. Lastly because he has a vast network that can make your company successful. He is working with F10 because they are a powerhouse when it comes to FinTech. Have an experienced team that understand how startups operate, have the network which will support any of their startups take off and have the assets to support startups throughout their lifespan.

Tariq Khan

Tariq takes a hands-on approach to company building, from strategy to operational implementation to fundraising. Originally a financial services lawyer, he was a MBO co-founder of one of the UK’s most successful consumer account management companies, exiting in 2014. Recently EIR at the Barclays Techstars fintech accelerator in London, Tariq is an active investor and advisor in the fintech, regtech and proptech sectors.

Gian Klainguti

Is your branding rock solid, your story captivating and your pitch a ten out of ten? If you can’t say yes to all three or just want a second opinion from a creative entrepreneur with over ten years expertise in branding and storytelling Gian is your man. (or maybe he is your mentor). In 2014, he co-founded Kompost, an award winning creative agency specialised in visual communication. Their clients’ range from tech giants, financial institutions, insurance companies to NGO’s. He is partnering with F10 out of his interest for innovation and technology.

Lars Diener-Kimmich

Born in Switzerland, Lars studied Innovation and Technology Management and Product Design at the ETH Zurich. He has worked at Nokia, at ABB, in a startup, at Swisscom and lived as well in the US, Finland and Mexico. And, he speaks five languages. At Swisscom, he pioneered the Design Thinking / Innovation programme in the B2B segment and later developed and lead the company-wide lean leadership programme, reporting directly to the CEO. In 2015 he founded his own company LUDENSFABER. They enable organizations to run innovation projects like a startup, but in a corporate context. This includes hands-on methods and innovation practices, user-centric innovation space design, output-oriented project management and real-life leadership training – always on specific projects. At F10 he is looking to engage with passionate founders and entrepreneurs. His expertise is in developing a team’s innovation power. He has no expertise in FinTech. You as mentees, might like that he tend to understand quickly what you are up to, and then irritate you with poignant outsider questions to clarify your way forward. You might also like, that he does not want to do your job, but help you excel at it. He gets a kick out of a mentoring session, when his mentees leave with rosy cheeks and a bounce in their step. At times, he is direct and straight to the point (comes with his Finnish DNA). He likes high speed, unknown territory, team play, unconventional approaches, lowest necessary effort for maximum impact, and a good laugh. And, he can easily switch from playful to serious, from naive to rational, from dreams to facts, from north star to next increment – and vice versa. A good day for him, is a day with visible progress (deliverables and / or learnings).

Silke Wolf

Silke has a background in law and finance and worked as a corporate tax advisor at big fours and a large multinational before she became a creative entrepreneur some years ago. A founder herself, she knows about the importance of a great network of founders for founders. She would like to give back to the ecosystem by acting as a sparing partner for startups to bounce off ideas, help connect them with like-minded entrepreneurs or organizations and coach them. Silke has a vast local and global network of startups, which she has built due to her own startups' activities and her various volunteer engagements such as Startup Grind Zurich's Co-Director and as a judge and mentor at global startup accelerator Masschallenge Switzerland in Lausanne and now at F10 in Zurich.

Christian Bucheli

With 25+ years of international experience in Business Development, Marketing, ICT and Strategy Christian Bucheli contributed essentially to the successful internationalization of SIX’s Cards Business seen in the last 7 years. With 25+ years of international experience in Business Development, Marketing, ICT and Strategy Christian Bucheli contributed essentially to the successful internationalization of SIX’s Cards Business seen in the last 7 years. As Head of Strategic Ventures he is in charge for the organic and inorganic growth and technology acquisitions at SIX Payment Services, the Swiss industry reference. SIX covers the entire electronic payments value chain from acquiring and issuing processingto POS solutions as well as on risk acquiring and issuing plus ACH payments. Additionally SIX entered the Swiss Market as leading player in mobile Payments. Before joining SIX Group in 2007 he worked for Aduno SA and Cornèr Bank, two Swiss Payment Card Companies as Head of Products and Services. Prior to this Christian built up a solid track record of professional international experience in the manufacturing and computer industry plus and Business Consulting where his language skills in German, French, Italian, Spanish and English plus his large personal network helped him to succeed. Christian holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, a Master’s Degree in International Business Consulting. He successfully concluded the Advanced Strategic Management as well as the Negotiation for Value Creation Program at the IMD in Lausanne 2012 and 2015, an institute with which he is in continuous exchange on topics like digital business transformation. Christian lives in Lugano with his spouse and is like many Swiss addicted to mountain sports all year round.

William Benattar

William works as part of GreySpark's fintech advisory team. By maintaining a comprehensive view of the fintech arena, William assists GreySpark in helping start-up firms enter the marketplace. He advises private equity houses on financial technology due diligence; and advises buyside and sellside clients on the development of strategic and innovative projects. Prior to joining GreySpark, William worked for Kantox in the business and product development team, focusing on strategy developments of FX systems. While being student ambassador for Google, William has spearheaded initiatives aimed at helping SMEs develop and implement their digital strategies. William is an existing mentor at the London-based accelerator program -- Startupbootcamp Fintech --advising start-ups on product development, roadmapping and fundraising avenues

Marc Lussy

Before becoming a partner at IBO, a company who provides investment performance comparison across banks, Marc worked as a trader and in the wealth management for more than a decade. Subsequently he was put in charge of large-scale change-management and IT projects at different banks. Following this he became an independent adviser on banking and digitization. He see himself as a fintech aficionado from day one and have been sharing his insights as a blogger. He is a guest lecturer for banking, leadership and digitization at various universities and contributor to leading Swiss finance magazines. The crucial criteria for all his endeavors: “It must be fun, I want to learn something and want to leave a legacy.

Johannes Huebner

Johannes has co-founded two startups in different industries as their CTO. The second company, Numbrs, is a personal finance manager, which gained significant traction in Germany. With six-digit app download figures and even more integrated bank accounts. Currently, he is also doing a PhD at ETH Zurich, where he investigates Fintech business models and trends on a global scale. From his educational background and over a decade of experience with online and mobile ventures, he possesses a strong technical background as well as profound knowledge of the latest developments in Fintech, and how to build successful startups (and what should be avoided). In addition, he has mentored multiple startups in various stages over the last years, helping them design and implement early prototypes, develop those prototypes into production-ready products, and set up the right organizational environment and internal tooling to allow for engaging, efficient collaboration and rapid growth.

Cristina Riesen

Cristina's inner fire is fuelled by an insatiable interest in technology, design, education and entrepreneurship. She is an active supporter of the global startup ecosystem and a strong believer in the potential of human creative genius powered by collaboration across spatial, temporal and cultural boundaries. Very much engaged in supporting human advancement initiatives linked to technology and education, she has been mentoring and coaching tech entrepreneurs around the world in a relentless pursuit of making the world a better place, one little step at a time. Enthusiast by nature and lifelong learner by design, she belongs to a growing global movement of people building businesses as a force for good. "Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do" Entrepreneur, startup mentor and lecturer, Cristina Riesen is interested in using the power of technology and entrepreneurship to tackle complex societal challenges. Former General Manager for Evernote in Europe, Middle East and Africa, Cristina is an EMScom graduate and a certified Hasso Plattner d.School design thinking professional with more than 10 years of experience in communications, international business development and entrepreneurship. Prior to Evernote, she was radio editor and worked in public relations for iconic design and architecture brands such as Vitra, Vitra Design Museum and Designers' Saturday. In 2015 she was nominated for the Digital Woman of the Year Award by Meilleur du Web and included in the Top 10 Swiss digital leaders by Handelszeitung and Top 100 Swiss leaders by Bilanz. Cristina has been invited to speak at international conferences and events such as CeBIT Hanover, The Next Web Amsterdam, Creative Mornings Stockholm, Demo Africa, Digital Day Mexico, on topics related to global entrepreneurship, future and emerging technologies, experiential learning, creativity and design thinking.

Dejan Juric

Dejan has a background in Computer Science from ETH in Zurich, where he was focusing on distributed systems. After that he moved into strategy consulting at The Boston Consulting Group, where he was working primarily in the financial industry advising banks and insurance companies on growth strategies and digitalization. After founding his own mobile payment startup Klimpr, he moved to SIX Payment Services, where he was responsible for extending Paymit to mobile and online payments. He is now responsible for Value Added Services at TWINT.

Ernesto Paiz

Ernesto is the Vice President of Investments at MicroVentures, an equity based crowdfunding platform, where he works primarily with early stage portfolio companies. Previously, Ernesto was the investment manager at Ecosystem Ventures, a seed stage venture capital firm. Ernesto doubled the size of the firm's portfolio and his investments have led to multiple successful early stage exits for Ecosystem Ventures. Ernesto has led early stage investments across the U.S. and multiple foreign countries. He enjoys working with entrepreneurs on refining and executing their marketing strategies. Ernesto also has hands on experience in holding multiple roles in various startups across industries such as cloud security, e-publishing and consumer goods. Ernesto holds an MBA from Santa Clara University, is a published author and played collegiate baseball.

Ingmar Stein

Ingmar is Chief Technologist at Deloitte Digital Switzerland and hold a PhD in Computer Science from Saarland University. He has more than 15 years of experience in software architecture and engineering with a passion for mobile applications. He has designed and built many mobile banking and payment apps, corresponding APIs, and infrastructures and also contribute to a number of open source projects such as Apple’s Swift compiler. As a mentor, he can help your startup by validating and challenging your system architecture, checking your endeavor for technical feasibility or viability and establishing connections to banks and insurances in Switzerland. F10 is for him a great platform to help ambitious startups with the industry knowledge he has gained in his career and to stay connected to the FinTech scene.

Ralf Huber

Ralf has over 15 years legal and compliance experience within the financial industry. Starting his compliance career at Zürcher Kantonalbank whilst studying law at University of Zurich, Ralf went on to perform a variety of different legal and compliance roles at Credit Suisse between 2005 and 2016, both in Switzerland and abroad. In his last role at Credit Suisse, Ralf managed a team of more than 30 lawyers covering all legal and compliance tasks for the Asset Management and mutual funds business in Switzerland. He has always been passionate about standardization, and leveraging technology to simplify the demands of modern legal and compliance work. Therefore, Ralf became Co-Founder of Apiax, a Zurich-based RegTech startup with the mission to transform complex regulation into easy to use digital compliance rules. Ralf works with F10 as he is convinced that only through digitization can the financial industry remain competitive in today’s regulatory jungle.

Andreas Sprock

Andreas is originally from Germany, he came to Switzerland for his master thesis in Computer Science, which he extended to a PhD at the ETH. While his studies, he founded an online payment company. In 2014 they got selected to the startupbootcamp fintech in London. Later on he entered into another Start-Up ieffects, a young company for M-Commerce application (LeShop App). Here, he developed the sales and marketing strategy and established the sales processes. Since August of 2016 he works for the Paymit / Twint team in SIX. While working for the Start-Ups, he learned how to build stable business models and how important it is to focus on the go to market. Andreas would like to support F10 on this topics and develop a stable business. As well as a product strategy facing the challenges of a successful go 2 market.

Urs Bolt

Urs has more than 25 years’ experience working in the financial services industry, mainly in the areas of wealth management, investment banking and banking technology business. Urs' core expertise is to develop and roll out new digital business platforms. Successful projects include the rollout of a B2B social business platform for financial intermediaries, establishing prime services for ultra-wealthy clients, and post-trade services for FX and OTC products. His current focus is to help Fintech-companies and financial service providers review/refocus business strategies, develop products and markets, execute sales, scout for fintech solutions, build business partnerships, manage projects, and implement corporate structures and processes. Constantly ranked as top Fintech influencer in Switzerland by Fintech Switzerland. In addition he advocates for social and political causes on social media and public networks.

Karin Friedli

A listener, problem solver and teacher by profession, Karin helps organizations to grow and succeed through authentic and meaningful communication. She craves the shivers of a really good idea and loves to play, putting all sorts of skills and assets together in order to build something new and exciting. Karin has co-founded her digital communication consultancy tinkla in early 2015 and since then empowered a wide range of clients and branches from Media, Retail or NPOs to Public Service, Insurance, and Finance. Ask her about the challenges of kickstarting a personal branding that makes your contacts remember you, framing your company values or creating a culture that attracts the right people. Karin's commitment to F10 as well as to the boards of TEDxZurich and öbu, Switzerland's Association For Sustainable Economy is fueled by her belief in the possibilities that come through involvement and generosity. Her favorite thinking and creativity method is a good, long run.

Juerg Steiger

Passionate and inspiring business leader with a strong digital and startup/entrepreneurial mindset. 25+ years of international working experience (incl. New York/Chicago) in leadership roles. Excellent network in the Swiss banking and startup community with a particular focus on FinTech and InsurTech. Combines strategic thinking with an enthusiasm of cross cultural team work. Enjoys building up teams and coaching startups. Areas of expertise include: - Wealth Management (UHNW Segment) - Asset Management (Alternative Investments; Hedge Funds, Private Markets and Real Estate) - Investment Banking (FX Derivatives, Structured Products) - Reinsurance (Structured Finance) - Corporate Finance - Startup Investing (FinTech and InsurTech) - Coaching and Mentoring of Startups

Raphael Bienz

Creativity, data, and analytical forward thinking are the foundation of Raphael Bienz’ digital marketing expertise. Since 2010 he has been at the helm of BlueGlass: an international SEO and content marketing agency with offices in Zurich, London and Tallinn. BlueGlass has been honored with multiple award wins for its digital consulting, SEO, content marketing and digital campaigns. Raphael Bienz’ academic background lies in economics with special emphasis on strategic management and marketing. Following graduation he was Chief Executive Officer at the software development company isonet AG. Today he is a full stack online business developer and experienced across numerous global digital consulting projects. He is a frequent guest lecturer at selected Swiss universities, technical colleges and many renowned international conventions. He is passionate about sharing and driving best practices amongst the digital marketing community to further proficiency within the digital marketing ecosystem.

Alex Stoeckl

Alex is a venture capital investor and part of the investment management team at Creathor Venture. Where he strategically supports the founders and management of startups like Knip, HeyJobs, Memorado and Wiredminds to build successful companies. Before joining Creathor Venture, Alex was part of the management team of Gärtnerei, responsible for business development and operations in building the startup from a single restaurant to Switzerland’s leading healthy convenience food chain. Prior to that he worked as a Senior Consultant at Roland Berger’s Zurich office, consulting management of industry & healthcare clients on strategic challenges. Alex is holding an MIB from Grenoble Graduate School of Business and a BBA from European University Barcelona. Of Luxembourgish nationality he’s lived, studied and worked in Germany, Spain, France, Sweden & Switzerland. Besides spending time with tech startups, he loves travelling, doing lots of sports (running, fitness, skiing, basketball) and being outside, around the beautiful Swiss lakes & mountains.

Cédric Waldburger

Cédric is passionate about technology startups. He’s currently holding different active roles as an investor and founder of early stage companies. His involvements reach from fintech to eCommerce, to social networks and SaaS companies. His goal is to not only help business financially but also help them to grow and scale. He has previously co-founded and worked for various companies around the globe (Zurich, New York, Paris, Hong Kong, London and Berlin) where he held roles on the technology and the business side. This way, he gained a lot of experience in technology and also learned how to run a business from a business perspective. Through his vast experience in successfully founding, growing and running a company, he learned how to connect the dots and think out of the box.

Frederik Gregaard

Frederik is the Head of Digital Transformation Financial Services & Head of Digital Consultancy PWC Experience Center. He has 13+ years’ experience in banking. Digital Transformation, External Asset Management front facing applications & support applications, CRM & Data analytics, Change Management, Sales Management, Innovation & Business Case Development, Performance Metrics Definitions and Implementation, Trading and Trading Infrastructure, Foreign Exchange Execution & Infrastructure, API connectivity & Cross connectivity, High Frequency trading, Algo Trading, DMA pools, OTC trading, Trade settlement, Give Ups, Best execution. Frederik has worked with a larger number of Fintech companies in Switzerland and abroad mostly covering DLT, Robo Advisors, Asset Allocation, Digital Wealth management and KYC automatization. His qualifications are: MsC Management Innovation and Business Development (CBS), Certified Currency Trader, and FinTech Lead and Digital Banking Lead.

Jana Nevrlka

Jana has over 15 years of international professional experience – ranging from corporate law, international tax law and strategic business consultancy for Clifford Chance, Deloitte and EY. She started her own entrepreneur journey 3 years ago – with starting, growing and exiting local Zurich based business in the wellness space. She is currently focusing on cofounding consulting for entrepreneurs. Combining her legal and business background and practical project and entrepreneurial experience – Jana’s mission is to help entrepreneurs to build cofounding teams that will perform and last. Jana is writing a book on business partnerships - Cofounding the right way – covering holistically the topic from selecting the right cofounders through team organisation and governance, equity splits and cofounders agreements. She is also coordinating the development of standardized solutions and templates for implementing dynamic equity splits in Europe – in cooperation with Mike Moyer – author of the Slicing Pie. With focus on cofounding and business parnterships, Jana is also working with individual cofounding teams, delivering workshops and key note speaches. Next to that she is also organising a volunteer knowledge sharing and networking platform - Swiss Startups Club. Jana has lived and studied Czech Republic and the Netherlands and during her international consulting years worked in 20+ European countries. She speaks five languages, has three cum laude legal degrees in international and European law and an executive MBA from RSM. She loves to learn new things, spend time in the mountains and despite being Czech by origin - good wines.

Aniello Bove

Aniello Bove is Partner and CEO at andrion. January 1, 2013 he joint andrion and developed andrion to a powerful Swiss consulting and project delivery firm within the Swiss financial services industry. andrion empowers their clients in their strategic initiatives to develop new innovative business. Their consultants, project managers and business analysts know Core Banking functions and Digital Banking transformation best, and do understand how to take into account Swiss Banking law. Their capability in analysing, designing, approaching, prioritizing, planning and executing projects make them a reliable partner with an outstanding track record in various banking initiatives. In its past, he spent amongst other things 11 years at UBS and left UBS as management member before he started his entrepreneurship as Partner and COO at INM. As former member of the IBM Rational Advisory Board and Go Beyond investor he supports start-ups and promising business ideas with great passion.

Jan Sedlacek

Jan is co-founder and partner at Stryber, a combined strategy consultancy & digital company builder. In prior roles Jan was CMO at Kuoni, a strategy consultant at Roland Berger as well as a startup founder and entrepreneur. From experiencing both worlds he knows how to bridge corporates and startups. Among other things he created the first hybrid private bank, which seamlessly merged robo advising with a human relationship manager. He is currently also active in InsurTech. Jan is a strong visionary and entirely focussed on customer value creation. He is driven by impact, not buzz words, and by curiosity, which is why he participates in F10. He sticks with two principles: Firstly Einstein's "There is nothing so practical as a good theory". And secondly: Get the shit done.

Renato Martignoni

Renato is a strategy and corporate development executive, with 20 years of experience in digital technologies. He is advising startups and growth companies in their go to market, internationalisation, partnership and fund raising activities. Renato served as an executive board of director at PubliGroupe AG, previously traded at SWX, and as board member of European leading technology companies like AWIN AG, Performance Marketing, Mediamath GmbH in Berlin, Improve Digital BV in Amsterdam, Programmatic Advertising, and Namics AG in Zürich, a digital full-service agency. Incubating technology services, introducing US technologies in the DACH market to gain a first mover advantage, building partnerships with market leaders to create an unfair advantage or consolidating markets following a buy and build strategy, he thrives working with founders and entrepreneurs and contributed to more than forty transactions in Europe and in the US. He holds a Master Degree of HEC Lausanne and is an Alumni of Stanford University.

Dennis Flad

As Innovation’s Advocate, Dennis builds bridges between Fintech, banks and corporates for innovative solutions to prosper. He is Managing Director and founder of Arevos. The boutique advisory helps fintech and financial institution in the product management, business development and sales. He has a vast know-how and broad network in the transaction banking, corporate & retail banking and electronic banking. Specialties are payments, blockchain, cash management, cards & wallets, foreign exchange and trade finance. He advise is valued equal by new and old economy enterprises such as Ripple, UBS, Six Group, Twint, Qumram, CoCoNet or Wirecard. Prior Dennis was CEO of Fides Treasury Services, a Fintech for Corporate Multibanking Services, and Head Product Management for Payments and Cash Management at both, UBS and Credit Suisse. He started his career in the mobile telecommunications industry with Orange, Compaq and Telefonica Moviles and moved then with the topic ‘mobile payments’ into the financial services industry. Dennis holds a Master of Business Administration and Marketing of the University of St.Gallen (HSG) complemented with studies at the Union College in Schenectady, New York. He is also member of the Business Angels Switzerland.

Andreas Staub

Andreas is partner at FehrAdvice & Partners and holds a master degree from the University of Zurich. His expertise covers corporate strategies, digitization, brand- and pricing strategies, smart data, compensation- and performancemanagement and behavioral change. He was member of the senior management Zürcher Kantonalbank and responsible for various executive roles (multichannel management, Business Architecture). He teaches courses (Fintech, Retail Banking, Communication, Culture & HR) at IFZ (Institute for Financial Services, Zug), SFI Swiss Finance Institute or HWZ (Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich). He is also a keynote-speaker at various conferences. Top social media („influencer“) rankings: jaxfinance (fintech), onalytica (fintech, insurtech, AI, Robotics, big data, …), MOZ-Score, insurtechnews, member top9insurtechclub, …

Soren Mose

Soren has been leading Banks at CEO level in/outside Switzerland for more than 25 years. He is a business strategy and personal coach. He is an active Board Member in the Financial and Sports industry. He is a strong believer that the transformation has just started in all industries and that most value chains will fundamentally be changing. The future belongs to businesses that combine smart people with supporting technology solutions and never forget that in all aspect of business it is always about finding the right balance between 3 important stakeholders, being employees, shareholders and clients.

Reto Schwander

Reto has set up and run a business on is own some time ago. Furthermore, he has set up and successfully grown Zurich Switzerland's Special Lines Business in an intrapreneurship approach. To this entrepreneurial background and character he can add a 23 years in-depth experience in the Swiss and EMEA insurance market. He have also been active in outsourcing business-relevant activities to various co-operation partners in Switzerland. With regards to the insurance industry he can support startups in developing and implementing go-to-market strategies, advise on Swiss-specific market- and regulatory topics, guide them in setting up co-operations with insurance companies, etc.

Thomas Eppler

Thomas is a passionate innovator with a full focus on humans and relevance and customer success based on the point of view and problem context of people. He has a diverse background in innovation, customer psychology and learning by experimentation and always created success by context, relevance and meaning. He won a Fintech Hackathon in 2016 with a human approach to p2p interactions. Thomas was in the core team of Paymit, the first mobile payment platform in Switzerland. He created a complex payment prototyping infrastructure and built up a Research Lab. Thomas is creating innovative digital tools and solutions for 25 years. Thomas has a Masters in Innovation Engineering and a background in the humanities (philosophy and cultural anthropology). Worked as Six Sigma Black Belt. Trained in Design Thinking by Hasso Plattner Institute (HPI). Since 2008 he is a trainer and lecturer for modern innovation methods and skills and the interaction with customers and non customers for innovation and product development. Co-author of the “Design Thinking Playbook”. Thomas can help you to get deep insights into your users, find better questions, redefine your problem statement, redefine the way you solve the problem, set up experiments with users and finally to create a more meaningful solution to a relevant problem.

Daniela Landis

During her 11 years working as a financial controller and five years as CFO in the payment and telco industries she gained a lot of experience which she'd like to share. She can support the Startups regarding development and verification of business cases and most important KPIs. Last but not least she can share a huge experience regarding customer behaviour. She loves and admires people with fresh, new ideas and the courage to realize them. And she loves the idea of F10 to support Startups in the way they do. She's looking forward to work with these very innovative people.

Philipp Weckherlin

Dr. Philipp Weckherlin is a Swiss entrepreneur. He was a co-founder and partner at CEAMS - CE Asset Management AG. He spent many years in senior positions at Swiss Banking Corporation, The Boston Consulting Group, and at Roland Berger & Partner. Dr. Weckherlin holds a Doctorate in Economics from the University of St. Gallen

Stefan Vetter

Stefan is the founder and CEO of Wortspiel GmbH. A communication and media studies specialist, he has been active in the field of digital marketing since 1999. For a number of years he has been exclusively involved with AdWords. He likes to share this expertise – both as the author of “Become a Market Leader with Google AdWords” and as a lecturer at the technical college Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW

Martin Schönenberger

Martin’s self-motivation is to support young entrepreneurs and to open up his vast business network to innovative ideas. He is very passionate about the synergies of Technology in the Finance industry and the further advances it will bring. A great motivator and business practitioner, Martin is Head Account Management Continental Europe at SIX Swiss Exchange. Before joining the Exchange in 2010, he headed the Securities Finance desk at Commerzbank in Zurich (previously Dresdner Kleinwort) where he focused on sales trading relationships with banks and institutional investors. Previously he spent more than seven years in London for Paloma Securities and Lehman Brothers International and was responsible for selling Securities Finance products in Continental Europe. He also helped developing the global Equity Finance trading platforms at both firms. Prior to that he worked for more than 14 years at UBS AG in various roles in Zurich, Tokyo and New York. Martin Schönenberger graduated from Zurich Business School. In 1988 he completed additional specialized studies at the New York Institute of Finance.

Christian Scholten

Christian is a Management Consultant with extensive expertise in the financial services sector. With 12 years of experience in Financial Services Consulting (Partner at TALOS Management Consultants) and as acting board member at Capella Partners, a firm that connects qualified investors with value-driven technology companies from world-class institutions, Christian gathered extensive expertise which he now wants to bring into F10. At TALOS, Christian is supporting his clients in adapting regulatory requirements, automating business processes and driving change. As mentor at F10, he can help challenging business models and go-to-market strategies. He can also help you build the best-fit operating model, enabling growth and scalability.

Dr. Daniel Diemers

Daniel is a Partner FS with PwC Strategy& and advises clients across EMEA on strategy and digital innovation. He is a former entrepreneur and brings in expertise in Fintech, WealthTech, Blockchain & Crypto. As a startup entrepreneur, author of several books, articles and frequent speaker on digital transformation, Daniel got involved in digital topics early on. He is today a member of Swiss Finance + Technology Association (SFTA), the Crypto Valley Association (CVA) and part of the movement. Academically, he's a graduate from University of St. Gallen HSG, CEMS and Singularity University.

Matt Lanfear

Matt is a restructuring and turnaround specialist, advisor to startup companies and Research Fellow at EDHEC Business School. He has extensive experience as a consultant to international financial institutions undertaking major restructuring and transformation programmes, and working with management teams on the turnaround of distressed firms. Previously, Matt held senior management positions in banks, and mergers & acquisitions positions at multinational industrial companies and in a leading global professional services firm. Matt also advises early stage companies, and is an active supporter of the Swiss startup community as a coach and juror at startup competitions and accelerators. For F10 startup teams, Matt mentors on topics including financial strategy, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, company valuation, due diligence and funding. Academically, Matt has a PhD in Finance from EDHEC Business School, a Global Executive MBA from IESE Business School and a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of Reading. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

Andreas Hauri

Andreas is a Neuroscience PhD with Computer Science background, that love the thrill of Start-Ups and building something from nothing. He was the CTO of Mila that was Acquired by Swisscom. Andreas studied Computer Science at FHNW. After wich he started st Coresystems AG as the lead software architect of their SAP Business One solution that allowed Coresystems to scale from 6 people to now 160. Having Successfully launched the product Andreas went to do his masters in Computer Science at ETH, where he also did his PhD in Neuroscience building large-scale simulations of brain development. Missing the Start-Up life Andreas joined Mila in 2013 where he became the CTO building the software environment of the company. He led a team of up to 15 engineers, adapting the team and the software through several pivots and the exit to Swisscom.Andreas is currently building a new company in the blockchain space following the lean methodology. At F10 he loves to pass on his experience in building products and companies. Fun fact about Andreas: He built an Award winning Mobile Karaoke App before the times of Android or iPhone that lead to him having to sing on swiss national television.

Lina Bee

Lina has a background in Impact Investing and supported various social entrepreneurs in emerging markets to grow their businesses. Thus, she evaluated numerous business plans and supported her portfolio companies to formulate strategies to position themselves in their respective markets. Today, Lina is Co-founder of the Female Founder and the Future Founder Association, two platforms that bring promising startups together with private investors. Further, Lina works for one of the leading insurance companies in Switzerland and is responsible to build up strategic partnerships with startups from different areas. Lina believes that in today's world, collaboration and lively networks are the only means to success and is passionate about contributing to build up a well thriving startup ecosystem in Switzerland. Lina studied business and economics and holds an MBA from the University of Science and Technology in Hong Kong (HKUST).

Kolja Rafferty

Since 2012 Kolja is practice lead strategy and partner at Leverage Experts (, a Swiss based consulting firm, focussing on Start Up, Scale Up, and Turnaround cases in the European ICT/TMT sector. Kolja is a recognized expert for "situations of rapid change", including distress situations. He has successfully concluded initiatives in digital transformation, Business model innovation, M&A, fundraising, exit preparation for SME companies and Start Ups in the technology sector. Kolja holds an US MBA and is an INSEAD certified non-executive director; he serves on different non-executive and advisory boards, and publishes his view on transformation and management on his personal blog at Kolja, is passionate about sky-diving, golfing and loves modern art and Jazz.

Urs Widmer

With over 20 years experience in the financial services industry, Urs brings a broad functional expertise to the table. Ranging among others from setting up a greenfield digital bank (AXA Bank), to developing a corporate bonds trading platform (SIX Corporate Bonds), to establishing an inhouse insurance sales force (UBS) and to being an executive board member for different companies in the financial services industry (AXA Winterthur, SIX Swiss Exchange). Given his background as a business consultant (McKinsey, Boydak Strategy Consulting), he is an ideal partner for developing sound business models as well as for challenging and helping start-ups to enter the marketplace. Looking back at what F10 has achieved so far, it is a privilege for him to be part of the next phase of F10 and to contribute to the Fin-, Insur- and RegTech community in Switzerland. He considers such efforts to be a crucial factor for ensuring the further successful development of the financial services industry in Switzerland.

Isabelle Nüssli

Isabelle is a personal coach that focus on basic drivers of human behavior and hidden dynamics of organizations. She has extensive experience coaching board members, top management, startups and students throughout their development and change processes with the goal of exploiting their full potential. She is well-acquainted with the challenges involved thanks to her own practical experience. Isabelle has held senior management positions in Switzerland and abroad. She founded and currently runs the self-leadership platform LYS Leverage YourSelf and is a partner at conim ag. Before, she was Executive Chairperson of NUSSLI Group, a leading international provider of infrastructures for sport and cultural events, exhibitions and trade shows – such as World Expositions, Olympics and FIFA World Cups. She has lived and worked in China, India, the US, and Germany and serves on varied boards and committees. Isabelle holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, an Executive Master of European and International Business Law from University of St.Gallen and an Executive Master in Coaching and Consulting for Change from INSEAD.

Marianne Bregenzer

Marianne has over 12 years experience in strategy, business development and sales and has contributed to the successful internalization of SIX Payment’s business. She would like to contribute to an innovative fintech scene which is bringing new technologies for customers, thus helping people to have an easier life thanks to technology. Marianne’s passion is to create business, target new customers so that innovation can get a sustainable foothold in the market. She likes to look at new customer journeys, especially with focus on the payment business. Especially in the areas of hospitality, unattended and travel, Marianne is willing to share her experience. F10 has brought already a big mindset change within SIX and other organizations, and I would like to be part of this journey. Being here to make thing happen. Let’s rock.

Luca Schenk

Luca Schenk is dedicated to improve financial markets and to ease capital market access. He is a financial markets expert and IPO Coach with 25+ years of international experience. For the last seven years he was the CEO of BX Swiss, a Swiss regulated stock exchange. Before he was for many years M&A and corporate finance advisor. He is an active board member in the financial, crypto and social network industries. He studied at Bocconi University in Milan.

Nourdine Abderrahmane

Nourdine is a passionate change agent in the field of financial services and technology. He is considered a subject matter expert in Blockchain, Open Banking and alternative financing solutions. With more than a decade of project experience in capital markets and retail banking, he has developed a solid business know-how, an experience on success critieria for fintech integration and a wide industry network. Nourdine can provide hands on advice to startups on how to optimize their value proposition and business model towards a non-competing and easy adoption with established banks, and help rapid prospect testing through his contact network.

Brigitta Gyoerfi

Brigitta Gyoerfi transforms today’s corporate cultures by inspiring high-energy leaders and their teams to challenge the workplace status quo and embrace creativity, innovation and imagination to thrive in the digital age. With a background in service design, workshop facilitation, leadership coaching and mentorship, Brigitta uses the process of Design Thinking and Energy Leadership Management combined with Agile methods to unleash the potential in individuals, teams and organisations to creatively solve complex problems in a rapidly changing environment. As transformation and innovation manager at Credit Suisse - International Wealth Management, Brigitta develops and leads coaching and innovation workshops and change-management programs with a main focus on creating the future of bank for clients as well as employees. By bridging the gap between humanity and technology, Brigitta helps her clients to connect more intimately and stay more relevant in today’s increasingly competitive world of financial services. Her seasoned tenure within the financial industry includes stints as business manager in Wealth Management at Credit Suisse, and over 13 years of Financial Analyst experience where she developed and implemented company wide strategic transformation projects in the financial as well as pharmaceutical business. Brigitta holds a Master of Science in business administration and is a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA). She is also credentialed as a Certified Professional Coach, as well as a Design Thinking Coach from the Hasso Plattner In her spare time, Brigitta follows Fintech companies and uses her expertise to mentor and coach entrepreneurs as they conceptualise their ideas and execute on their business plans.

Pascal Wanner

Pascal has a passion for sales and software products in the financial industry and has more than 15 years’ experience in large and small sized companies. Helping organizations to identify, formulate and communicate their unique selling proposition and making them successful is what he enjoys the most. Starting in Consulting, then moving into the software sell-side from project implementation, product management and also account management and sales – Pascal has seen almost all aspects of successful product companies. With his experience he can really support startups in getting their product communication in order. Pascal's focus would be to help them organize, plan and execute targeted and successful sales strategies.

Luis Granato

Luis Granato started his career at Michael Page in 2009 focusing his efforts on Emerging Markets/ LATAM, based in Brazil. Prior to that, he worked with renamed corporations such as Roche, Bayer and Kraft/ Mondelez on Sales & Marketing related positions. He holds a bachelors in Business Administration with an MBA focused on management. For the last 9 years working at Michael Page, Granato led teams covering several sectors of the economy including the Financial Services Industry, connecting and working with the main companies and decision makers of this Industry. Luis relocated to Zürich in 2015 and since then very focused on the Swiss/ European Market.

Enrica Sighinolfi

Enrica is a passionate young-senior professional with international experience (New York, Zurich, London, Paris, Milan, Barcelona), specialised in finance, strategy, fintech, innovation, and impact. Now managing Investment Advisory at Deutsche Bank Wealth Management EMEA in Zurich, Enrica previously co-Founded Opportunity Network, which is a platform for CEOs and HNWIs to share and connect to business deals valuable $1M+. Backed by BCG and with a $180M valuation, ON is now a growing community of 15,000+ vetted CEOs and HNWIs from 100+ countries who exchanged an overall deal flow of ~ $100B+. Prior to Opportunity Network, Enrica worked as a consultant for Boston Consulting Group where she contributed to strategic, implementation, and organisational projects on a large number of different industries. When not focused on finance or fintech, Enrica enjoys her time exploring art, making art, and imagining how the world will look like in the year 2100. Enrica is also part of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers Community where she serves as Co-Chair of the Advisory Council on Impact.

Gian Nay

Gian has a passion for client-centric business model innovation that is enabled by exponential technologies. He has a background in strategy, business development and business transformation in small and large corporate environments.

Marcus Gehr

Marcus is an entrepreneurial executive with over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. He is currently driving the digital agenda for the International Wealth Management Business of Credit Suisse, being responsible for the digital target model and innovation. In his position he is focusing on targeting newest technology solutions, spotting over 300 Fintechs for the wealth management business a year. Prior to Credit Suisse, Marcus worked for Boston Consulting Group in Europe and Asia and for Roland Berger in Europe. During his consulting career, Marcus was shaping and evaluating new businesses/business lines, developed growth, entry and exit strategies including execution of M&A transactions for big financial institutions and mid-sized banks across Europe and Asia. He was a co-founder of one of the first Fintech startups in wealth management (, founded in 1999. Marcus holds two degrees, an MBA from the University of Mannheim, Germany and a Diplome from L’ Ecole Superieure de Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (ESSEC) Paris, France. He is working with F10 because he is convinced to enrich the professional set up of the incubator/accelerator on how to spot, grow and develop a Fintech from its first idea to a successful market entry with his longtime experience, expertise and network. Marcus is looking to engage with passionate founders and entrepreneurs, who are convinced by their dream and work fiercely to make it happen.

Stephanie K. Wickihalder

Stephanie began her career at Credit Suisse working in the Trading & Sales division, covering hedge funds and asset back securitizations. In 2006 she joined Credit Suisse Solution Partners, a specialist unit dedicated to the banks sophisticated UHNW and Family Office clientele and responsible for delivering tailor-made products and solutions. Stephanie led the design, implementation and lifecycle monitoring of various complex investment vehicles for family offices (multi- and single) and wealthy individuals, this included ensuring these structures were in line with global best practice as regards to governance and compliance. After 10 years Stephanie decided to undertake a radical new challenge and joined the digitalization unit of Credit Suisse. Stephanie is in charge of the area of Innovation, Fintech scouting (including PoC arrangements) and the overall embedding of Credit Suisse into the wider digital ecosystem. This new role allows her to create positive impact and share her proactive approach, the talent for connecting people and limitless curiosity, specifically as to how technology can act as a catalyst to solve complex problems. Stephanie would like to share her extensive banking experience (including her experience with UWHN & family offices), her ability to connect people and her creative thinking to empower and enable the next generation of entrepreneurs in the finance industry.

Robert Bornträger

Robert is a highly experienced, strategic thinker and leader with proven track record in business & IT transformation, business development and innovation. For the past 12 years he has successfully lead one of the largest IT organizations in Switzerland and has been Member of the Executive Board of SIX.

Bojan Laskovic

Bojan is a business designer and entrepreneur. Passionate about exploring new ideas, shaping smart products and innovating business models. 20 years of experience in management consulting and strategic leadership. Main areas of expertise are design strategy, business design and product delivery.

Mauro Cappiello

Mauro focuses on the Blockchain industry by proactively educating organisations and managing “hands-on” a number of blockchain projects. He supports Blockchain/Fintech startups developing and implementing their business and technology ideas, design products/services, organisational structure to best service their future customers.

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