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08.05.2017 Internal

Meet xChain – a Startup Developed by SIX

xChain is an online platform for Corporate Action data, where collaboration, social interaction and “connectedness” are core features we have focused on from inception and not afterthoughts.

04.05.2017 Internal

Security and Fraud – 6 Tips You Need to Know

Fraud can happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone. You probably already got some fishining calls, fraudulent emails, saw fake online ads. So, it pays off to keep your eyes open.

26.04.2017 Internal

Top 5 FinTech Books You Should Be Reading

When trying to learn more about FinTech and how it services and supports the financial sector, one of the best options is to read a book. However, with so many out there, it's hard to choose. So, here are the top 5 FinTech books you should consider reading.

11.04.2017 Internal

Why Demo Day is More Important for You Than You Think

For a FinTech startup, demo days are usually surrounded with a huge anxiety. After all, they are the sum up of all those months of hard work. Having the perfect pitch is not easy, especially when you have so little time and so many presentations occurring at the same time. But we have good news for you. Your pitch may be just ok, but you need to be perfect on what comes next.

31.01.2017 Internal

9 Tips for Fledgling Startups

Are you contemplating launching your own Startup? Did you already launch your Startup but concerned that you are making wrong decisions? Are you worried that your startup will be in the 90% group of Startups that fail? These concerns are normal and you are not alone, but if you follow these 9 tips you will give yourself a great chance of succeeding.