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10.08.2017 Internal

Characteristics of the Elite

It’s July, approaching midnight, still hot, in a messy room, no AC, tired from a long day, but I’m awake and working to get ready for the next day with two colleagues.

31.07.2017 Internal

Structure Defines Outcomes

This article is a summary of some guidance given at the F10 Startups in Batch 2. Its about holding a Structured Sales Meeting and ultimately getting a sale.

18.07.2017 Internal

The Team is the Essential Component of Startups for Success

Why do startups fail who started off with the promising combination of a great idea, a sound business model, and adequate financial resources? Because the starting point was not complete: they lacked the right founding team. A strong team at the onset shapes the direction and development of a new venture considerably – which often decides on the fate of the startup.

18.07.2017 Internal

What about InsurTech?

Along with RegTech, InsurTech is the little brother of FinTech, but by far the most unloved one. The insurance industry has been long untouched by innovation and disruption, much longer than the financial sector. But many startups are now tackling the stiff insurance sector.

15.06.2017 Internal

RegTech Startups Diversify F10’s Portfolio

With a new batch comes a new focus of attention for F10: RegTech is one of the trends that rises in 2017. As levels of regulations are increasing and the focus remains on data analytics for reporting, firms acknowledge the value for investing in new RegTech solutions.

18.05.2017 Internal

What can F10 do for you? – Interview with Enterprise Bot

Enterprise Bot provides AI powered chat bots for financial companies. This helps companies achieve economic efficiency while bettering customer satisfaction. The chat bots are platform agnostic and can be deployed onto the client’s website, mobile app or even facebook!