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31.01.2017 Internal

9 Tips for Fledgling Startups

Are you contemplating launching your own Startup? Did you already launch your Startup but concerned that you are making wrong decisions? Are you worried that your startup will be in the 90% group of Startups that fail? These concerns are normal and you are not alone, but if you follow these 9 tips you will give yourself a great chance of succeeding.

21.12.2016 Internal

The Holiday Season is Upon Us!

It's that time of year when we look to spend quality time with family, friends and loved ones. And in this season it is all the more important - especially for those of us in the world of Startups, where the boundaries between work and play can often disappear - to take time for ourselves and those around us.

30.11.2016 Internal

5 Tips for a Successful Application

F10, Switzerland’s premier FinTech Startup Incubator and Accelarator, has the pleasure of announcing that applications for the Summer 2017 Session of F10’s P2: Prototype to Product Program will open tomorrow, December 1st! The P2 Program aims at assisting 10 selected Startups to bring their initial prototypes to market. It will run over a period of 6 months and will be held partly online and partly at F10’s offices in Zurich, Switzerland. This will be the third such batch run by F10, with the first one having cumulated in a Startup company’s product having successfully been brought to market; and the second batch currently running through the Winter of 2016/2017.