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06.10.2017 Internal

Startups: How to Evaluate Whether an Accelerator Program is Right for You

Its a jungle out there for startups. Could an accelerator help? How to choose one that's right for you? Starting a company is one of the biggest, boldest decisions you will make in your life. You may feel ready to quit your day job and give this a go. How and where to start? Here's a short user guide to make a facts-based decision whether to use a business accelerator to help launch your startup.

29.09.2017 Internal

Scouting Startups – Our 2017 Tour Around the World

While we’re excited to run the F10 Accelerator & Incubator in Zurich, we are aware of the global FinTech movement. We will travel around the world to meet all the brilliant startups out there and invite them to our accelerator program.

25.09.2017 Internal

FinTech – The Not-Yet-Disrupting Disrupter

We saw that topics like Open Banking, RegTech, InsurTech, Chatbots, AI, Machine Learning, and PSD2 were eminently relevant this year in the FinTech scene. The interest in those rising matters has never been higher at this point.

24.08.2017 Internal

About Working with Startups…

A friend living in Silicon Valley once told me... "Working with startups is just as hard as working in a big company - you just have different stresses."

10.08.2017 Internal

Characteristics of the Elite

It’s July, approaching midnight, still hot, in a messy room, no AC, tired from a long day, but I’m awake and working to get ready for the next day with two colleagues.

31.07.2017 Internal

Structure Defines Outcomes

This article is a summary of some guidance given at the F10 Startups in Batch 2. Its about holding a Structured Sales Meeting and ultimately getting a sale.

18.07.2017 Internal

The Team is the Essential Component of Startups for Success

Why do startups fail who started off with the promising combination of a great idea, a sound business model, and adequate financial resources? Because the starting point was not complete: they lacked the right founding team. A strong team at the onset shapes the direction and development of a new venture considerably – which often decides on the fate of the startup.

18.07.2017 Internal

What about InsurTech?

Along with RegTech, InsurTech is the little brother of FinTech, but by far the most unloved one. The insurance industry has been long untouched by innovation and disruption, much longer than the financial sector. But many startups are now tackling the stiff insurance sector.