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21.12.2017 Internal

BigTechs – The New Banks?

The financial industry – banking in particular – is strongly influenced by new technology and FinTech startups. The swift FinTech solutions empower every citizen around the world with simple mobile services and products by digital banks.

14.12.2017 Startups

Interview with Douglas Bakkum, Co-Founder of Shiftdevices

Douglas Bakkum co-founded Shift Devices and is the inventor of the Digital Bitbox cryptocurrency hardware wallet. Shift Devices builds personal physical keys for the digital world. These keys solve the problem of how digital assets can be secured in the safest way possible that is still simple for users.

01.12.2017 Startups

SONECT: Disruptor of ATM Cash Distribution

Once upon a time, on a snowy Friday evening, Sandipan, who often forgets to visit ATMs and to keep cash in his wallet, watched as his neighbourhood Pizzeria sold Pizzas while filling up the cash register to the brink – in a moment when he needed cash urgently to pay their babysitter. While taking an arduous journey to the nearest ATM which was about 600m away from his house, an idea was born – why is it not possible to withdraw cash, at shops where other people still pay cash?

20.11.2017 Internal

Open Banking: Create the Future Together

Digital Transformation is a development we see across all industries. The banking sector has increasingly been challenged by emerging FinTech companies, who attract the incumbent’s customers by offering easy-to-use and frictionless experience in their personal banking.

16.11.2017 Startups

Traderion: The Virtual Gamified Bank

Many banks struggle to find talents with the right skills. Almost half of CEOs report that this issue is a serious threat to their company’s growth. Traderion is a virtual, simulated bank powered by artificial intelligence. It combines technology and gamification to create digital learning platforms for the financial industry.

13.11.2017 Startups

APPETITA – A Virtual Server Who Ends Needless Waiting

Beyond being guys who love to eat and hate to wait, Stephan and Jörg created APPETITA with a vision of using technology to connect restaurants and guests for a richer, more intentional experience.