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20.11.2017 Internal

Open Banking: Create the Future Together

Digital Transformation is a development we see across all industries. The banking sector has increasingly been challenged by emerging FinTech companies, who attract the incumbent’s customers by offering easy-to-use and frictionless experience in their personal banking.

16.11.2017 Startups

Traderion: The Virtual Gamified Bank

Many banks struggle to find talents with the right skills. Almost half of CEOs report that this issue is a serious threat to their company’s growth. Traderion is a virtual, simulated bank powered by artificial intelligence. It combines technology and gamification to create digital learning platforms for the financial industry.

13.11.2017 Startups

APPETITA – A Virtual Server Who Ends Needless Waiting

Beyond being guys who love to eat and hate to wait, Stephan and Jörg created APPETITA with a vision of using technology to connect restaurants and guests for a richer, more intentional experience.

30.10.2017 Startups

Futurae: Safe Login With Sound Recognition

We need to remember a lot of passwords. One for our laptop login, e-mail accounts, work login, online passwords… The list could get endless. The hook is, that we should use different passwords for each account and if we’re working in a highly secured working place, it even requires us to use an additional authentication process.

25.10.2017 Startups

Veezoo: The Company Brain

Knowing the data, understanding the market and taking the right decisions is crucial for every business. Even though many companies are collecting large amounts of data, they still don’t really know how to use it, nor do they have the resources to properly analyse it. Veezoo democratizes the access to their data by offering a virtual assistant, that searches the data for the answers to the daily questions of a company. Businesses that use Veezoo can easily speak to it and the system uncovers valuable information hidden in the data.

19.10.2017 Startups

The Journey Behind Riskifier

A little more than half of the year ago both of Jelena and Gino attended SIX Hackathon in Zurich - which turned out to be life changing. 

18.10.2017 Internal

From Copenhagen over Las Vegas to Warsaw

In a previous post, we told you about the global FinTech movement and how important startups are for the transformation of the financial industry.

10.10.2017 Startups

The Future of Electronic Invoices is Here

How do you send or receive your invoices? According to the Federal Statistical Office, 42% of people living in Switzerland delay their monthly payments and this leads to 2 Mln. Debt enforcement per year. Billte easily connects companies and consumers, it digitizes and optimizes their entire billing process.