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02.07.2020 Corporate Members

SIX and F10 Startup Exeon Analytics Partner for New Cyber Security Service

This summer, SIX has complemented its Cyber Security Services with Network Traffic Analysis as a Service (NTAaaS). An integral part of the new solution is the network detection and response tool ExeonTrace developed by the F10 Startup Exeon Analytics. The partnership was supported by THE HOME OF FINTECH.

02.07.2020 Corporate Members

“Create Not Only a Product on Blockchain, but a Business Model”

With benefits such as increasing security and transparency, enabling 24/7 liquidity, facilitating fraud prevention, and reducing operational costs, the practical use cases for Blockchain technology are potentially endless. David Vatchev, Venture Development Lead at F10 Corporate Member R3, provided glimpses into R3’s Blockchain ecosystem and the impact of digital assets on financial services during an online community session for the Startups in the F10 ecosystem.

12.06.2020 Internal

How the F10 FinTech Sandbox Helps Startups Innovate

Having access to real-life data and open APIs facilitates the development and testing of new solutions massively. F10 had launched the first FinTech Sandbox in Switzerland in fall 2019, and about 100 Startups in our programs in Zurich and Singapore have the opportunity to test and adjust their prototypes in the sandbox. During an online session for the entrepreneurs in the F10 ecosystem, the potential of sandboxing and open banking for Startups was discussed.

20.04.2020 Startups

“Sales Is More About Listening than About Talking”

Since the outbreak of the pandemic and the start of the lockdown, it has become increasingly difficult for B2B Startups to connect with their target audience and establish trust without physical visits. Nevertheless, crises also offer opportunities for agile players able to adjust their messaging, reassess product-market fit and prove expertise on relevant topics. Manuel Hartmann, the founder of the Sales Accelerator SalesPlaybook, provides tips on how Startups can improve remote selling.

09.04.2020 Startups

Staying Close to Clients During the Corona Crisis Is Decisive

Startup investments have decreased significantly since the outbreak of COVID-19 and Startups have laid off employees during the first weeks of the pandemic. Nonetheless, the corona crisis might also create opportunities for agile teams – given they are able to address the challenges that their customers are facing with user-centred solutions. F10 mentor and innovation strategist Brigitta Gyoerfi explains how entrepreneurs can stay attuned to the needs of their customers or potential clients during lockdown.

12.03.2020 Startups

5 Reasons Why You Should Apply to the F10 Scaleup Program

Mature FinTech Startups looking to grow their business need strong partners. The F10 Scaleup Program fosters collaboration between international post-revenue, post-seed Startups and the F10 Corporate Members. Read here why your Startup should apply to the recently launched Accelerator Program starting in Zurich in May 2020.

27.02.2020 Hackathon

These are the Main Ingredients for Fruitful Teamwork

At the F10 FinTech Hackathon in Zurich, about 100 software developers, web designers, finance experts, businesspeople, marketing wizards and lateral thinkers from all over the world come together to boost innovation in the finance industry. How can participants with different backgrounds cooperate effectively?

24.02.2020 Internal

FinTech Sandbox

F10 FinTech Incubator & Accelerator adds OpenPK-Project and OpenBankingProject.ch APIs to FinTech Sandbox In October 2019, F10, the largest Swiss FinTech Hub & Accelerator, announced the launch of its FinTech Sandbox. The first and only FinTech Sandbox in Switzerland is powered by open banking pioneer ndgit, which is the first use case to provide the PSD2 APIs based on the Berlin Group Standard, thus bringing PSD2 technology to Switzerland for the first time.

24.02.2020 Internal

FinTech Sandbox

F10 FinTech Incubator & Accelerator ergänzt FinTech Sandbox mit OpenPK-Project und OpenBankingProject.ch APIs. Im Oktober 2019 hatte F10, der grösste Schweizer FinTech Hub & Accelerator, den Launch ihrer FinTech Sandbox angekündigt. Die schweizweit erste und einzige FinTech Sandbox wird mit Open Banking Vorreiter ndgit betrieben, die als ersten Use Case die auf dem Berlin Group Standard basierenden PSD2 APIs zur Verfügung stellen und somit die PSD2 Technologie erstmals in der Schweiz zur Anwendung brachten.

24.02.2020 Hackathon

Guidelines for Successful Brainstorming Sessions

At the F10 FinTech Hackathons, we aim to generate new ideas and transform them into validated prototypes within 48 hours. After team building, it is time to start gathering ideas with your Hackathon group. We have listed five rules and tips to follow when brainstorming.