F10 FinTech Hackathon­
48-hours Idea to Prototype 22. – 24.03.2019

FinTech Hackathon (MESZ):





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Welcome game changers!

We are looking for curious action-takers who have a sincere interest in solving problems, are eager to be challenged and bold enough to think out of the box. Are you ready to transfer business ideas into prototypes within 48 hours? Join us in Zurich, the vibrant FinTech hotspot in and outside Switzerland to explore and exchange ideas with visionaries. It’s an opportunity for you to turn your bright idea into the next big thing and create the future of finance and regulation.

Are you a Designer, Marketeer, Business Woman, Banker, Financial Expert, Lateral Thinker, great Mind, Student or Developer? Great, you fit right in. Welcome to our F10 FinTech community. If you are motivated to build a product, service or Startup and open to new ideas, do not hesitate to apply now!

06. November, 2018
Application open
01. February, 2019
Topics defined
01. March, 2019
Closing date for applications
04. March, 2019
Status update
18. March, 2019
Announcement of event details

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F10 is a proven expert, ranked multiple times amongst the ten-best European incubator and accelerators, designing and executing the flourishing SIX FinTech Games in the past. Now it’s time to launch the F10 FinTech Hackathon in Zurich, the hometown of F10. The event takes place in close collaboration with our platinum sponsor SIX.

We hope you are as excited as we are and highly motivated to spend 48-hours of ideation and programming with us. What are you waiting for? Meet like-minded, passionate, and curious people to challenge each other and explore the FinTech ecosystem. You are fearless and want to generate new ideas? Great! But take the opportunity to develop it further. We aim not to stop with ideation, but to transform the inputs into validated prototypes. If you have a sincere interest in solving problems and are eager to be challenged, it is the perfect place for you to be.

Great success stories can be written as some Hackathon acquaintances have proven earlier by building promising Startups afterwards. Check how far you can get, explore new opportunities, be an entrepreneur, and maybe even find your potential future partners, with whom you can run your Startup.

When: Friday 22th of March 2019 from 5 pm – Sunday 24th of March 2019, 8 pm
Where: Schauspielhaus Zürich/Schiffbau, Schiffbaustrasse 4, 8005 Zurich

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Are you still wondering if you fit in? We are happy to remove uncertainties and support you if you have any further questions.


Viola Zoller

Event & Community Manager - SIX Group

Viola Zoller


Disrupt the financial world with us in Zurich.

Welcome to the outstanding Schiffbau. It’s a unique location combining flair, charm, great equipment and infrastructure plus centrality. We are happy to invite the game-changers and our F10 community to enjoy the conditions, Schiffbau has to offer. It guarantees uniqueness placed in the middle of the innovation hub with good access to public transport. Space will not only be used for ideation and coding but also for fun activities, delicious food buffets and relaxing zones. Little sleep might be a temporary side effect, but we promise, it will be worth it, as we will create a memorable experience together.


We offer

This year a new area started in Singapore with the first F10 FinTech Hackathon in September and the second one in Vienna in November. Zurich is the next stop on the roadmap, and we are especially proud to host the F10 FinTech Hackathon in our hometown. We are curious and excited to welcome FinTech Enthusiasts, Game-Changers, Developers, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Marketeers, Lateral Thinkers and brilliant like-minded people.

Watch the video below to gain an impression of our work.



Find out more soon about the application process, the Hackathon program, the challenges that you are invited to solve within 48 hours of programming and ideation or the prizes the best-performing teams can win.

The FAQ will follow.


Potential investors.

F10 is working with prestigious corporate partners, namely, Swiss banks and insurance companies. Benefit from the network and take the opportunity to pitch your idea in front of relevant market leaders.

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