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48-hours Idea to Prototype 22. – 24.03.2019

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Welcome game changers!

Are you a Designer, Marketeer, Business Woman, Banker, Financial Expert, Lateral Thinker, Student or Developer? Great, you fit right in. Welcome to our F10 FinTech community. If you are motivated to build a product, service or Startup and open to new ideas, do not hesitate to join us!

We are looking for curious action-takers who have a sincere interest in solving problems, are eager to be challenged and bold enough to think out of the box. Are you ready to transfer business ideas into prototypes within 48 hours? Join us in Zurich, the vibrant FinTech hotspot in and outside Switzerland to explore and exchange ideas with visionaries. It’s an opportunity for you to turn your bright idea into the next big thing and create the future of finance and regulation.

You already have participated in or heard of the legendary SIX Hackathon. Fantastic! Much inspired by the great basis of this event the F10 FinTech Hackathon will take place for the first time in March in Zurich. The basic concept is the same with some exciting developments. SIX as premium sponsor still has a significant role in the Hackathon. If you are not familiar with the previous happening, there is no disadvantage, and you find more information about the program below.

01. February, 2019
Topics defined
01. March, 2019
Closing date for applications
04. March, 2019
Status update
18. March, 2019
Announcement of event details
22. March, 2019
F10 FinTech Hackathon
16. April, 2019
FinTech Hackathon Community Meetup

How to participate

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F10 is a proven expert, ranked multiple times amongst the ten-best European Incubator and Accelerators, designing and executing the flourishing SIX FinTech Games in the past. Now it’s time to launch the F10 FinTech Hackathon in Zurich, the hometown of F10. The event takes place in close collaboration with our premium sponsor SIX.

We hope you are as excited as we are and highly motivated to spend 48-hours of ideation and programming with us. What are you waiting for? Meet like-minded, passionate, and curious people to challenge each other and explore the FinTech ecosystem. You are fearless and want to generate new ideas? Great! But take the opportunity to develop it further. We aim not to stop with ideation, but to transform the inputs into validated prototypes. If you have a sincere interest in solving problems and are eager to be challenged, it is the perfect place for you to be.

Great success stories can be written as some Hackathon acquaintances have proven earlier by building promising Startups afterwards. Check how far you can get, explore new opportunities, be an entrepreneur, and maybe even find your potential future partners, with whom you can run your Startup.

When: Friday 22nd of March 2019 from 5 pm – Sunday 24th of March 2019, 8 pm
Where: Schauspielhaus Zürich/Schiffbau, Schiffbaustrasse 4, 8005 Zurich

The application period is closed.



What has been asked before?

Before you reach out to Viola, please check the PDF below. We collected frequently asked questions from participants who might help you as well. Find out more about the application process, the Hackathon program, the challenges that you are invited to solve within 48 hours of programming and ideation or the prizes the best-performing teams can win.

Download FAQ (PDF)


More information needed.

Are you still wondering if you fit in? We are happy to remove uncertainties and support you if you have any further questions.

In January there was an online Q&A session with Viola and Robin from the F10 team. Please check the video to get more background information about the first F10 FinTech Hackathon in Zurich. We are looking forward to receiving your application to disrupt the financial world with you.





Viola Zoller

Event & Community Manager - SIX Group

Viola Zoller


Disrupt the financial world with us in Zurich.

Welcome to the outstanding Schiffbau. It’s a unique location combining flair, charm, great equipment and infrastructure plus centrality. We are happy to invite the game-changers and our F10 community to enjoy the conditions, Schiffbau has to offer. It guarantees uniqueness placed in the middle of the innovation hub with good access to public transport. Space will not only be used for ideation and coding but also for fun activities, delicious food buffets and relaxing zones. Little sleep might be a temporary side effect, but we promise, it will be worth it, as we will create a memorable experience together.




Discover new Data Worlds

Discover new Data Worlds

Explore untouched data sources and make them harvestable for the financial world.

The biggest opportunity for actors in the financial sector in this decade comes from the signals buried in the data generated by the digital economy. That so-called alternative data is the deepest, least utilized source of alpha in the world today. But, the data is often not readily accessible and less structured than traditional sources of data. Novel data-driven approaches using artificial intelligence and machine learning enable market participants to automatically collect, normalize, and analyze the data sets on a greater scale. As participant in our challenge of the F10 Fintech Hackathon in Zurich, you can build cutting-edge tools for businesses to integrate poorly structured data in a fully automated manner. Run your sophisticated Natural Language Processing algorithm, test your dark Random Forest or do a fancy Sentiment Analysis. The ultimate goal is a better understanding of alternative data and to make it ready for its usage in the financial sector. Such gained insights may help market participants to understand e.g. the relationship between the formulation of investment risks or stock market trends. This could reduce information asymmetries and thus contribute to the efficiency and stability of markets.


Conquer the World with APIs

Conquer the World with APIs

Do Amazing Things and Change the World with Banking APIs!

Banking APIs empowers financial institutions of all sizes to securely and rapidly enhance their digital offerings by leveraging a global ecosystem of 3rd party applications and services. Participating in our challenge at the F10 Fintech Hackathon in Zurich, you can tap into a fast growing community of innovators who are keen to collaborate with key stakeholders of the Swiss financial center. We offer a fully-operational and self-contained sandbox environment for exchanging account and payment information. Our API is built with you as fintech developer in mind, giving you a superior experience and unparalleled access to tools and documentation to boost your productivity. With our API, you get an instrument to shape the banking of the future with novel banking application. However, it is up to you whether you want to use our provided APIs or work with your own vision for APIs – you are welcome to define your own API. Rethink how banking should work in the API world! You can transform today’s financial economy and bring a positive impact on our society.


Private Banking with the Next Generation(s) – Create the personal touch virtually

Private Banking with the Next Generation(s) – Create the personal touch virtually

Millennials and post-millennials all over the world are forcing industries of all types to rethink their client service model. The traditional, centuries-old private banking model prides itself on building personal relationship and trust with its clients, typically over a period of time. However, the next generations have very specific needs and preferences for technology-based interaction and instantaneous response. The interaction between businesses and clients are constantly redefined through trends such as chat platforms, gamification, as well as accessibility to personal information.

We invite you to help shape the future of Private Banking by contributing your ideas on how to best engage, gain, and sustain the interactions with the “Clients of Tomorrow”, while still keeping to the private banking’s creed of being personal. Your ideas may include the development of a hybrid tool, innovative concept of a multi-channel platform, or an entirely new comprehensive, personalized advisory model; you name it.


Promote green growth in developing economies

Promote green growth in developing economies

The growing purchasing power in developing countries is allowing consumers to increase their living standards. Buying home appliances or private means of transportation is one of their first purchasing priorities. The increased energy demand associated with these consumption patterns exacerbates the effects on climate change.

Even with more and more funding available for climate investments, the lack of consumer awareness on the benefits of cleaner technologies limits green economic growth. Providing timely and accurate information on economic and carbon savings is critical for greener purchases for which consumers then can access climate funds. We invite you to develop a solution allowing consumers, financial institutions and climate funds to accelerate financing of green technologies. Let’s mitigate climate change together!


Blockchain and the financial infrastructure

Blockchain and the financial infrastructure

Imagine a world where global financial systems are easy, transparent and secure at the same time. A digital infrastructure that combines the ease and finality of financial transactions with the speed and reach of global communications. Where fees are fully transparent for the customer, reduced to the minimum and the effort to carry out transactions is minimal for the customer as well.

Imagine a financial infrastructure where money laundering, corruption and terrorist financing are impossible, while at the same time personal privacy is strengthened. A financial system that could be far more effectively regulated, because regulators could prevent financial crises before they happen. And imagine a digital exchange where buyer and sellers administrate themselves. Where dividends are paid out automatically and registration of the new owner of the asset is obsolete. What role will blockchain and crypto play in that world?

You are invited to create a service or product idea reinventing the financial infrastructure either building on blockchain technology or playing with crypto elements, up to your imagination.


Get inspired by our Speakers.

Keynote Opening

Jeanine Reutemann

Jeanine Reutemann is a deeply passionate researcher; media designer; lecturer; tech-nerd. This lead her to critically investigate the impact of new media technologies at the Centre for Innovation at the Leiden University in the Netherlands, while also managing her company RedMorpheus GmbH in Switzerland, with a focus on science and film. Current film and VR projects (in Q1, 2019) for the Swiss National Science Foundation (research4development), ETH Zürich and tdnet, University Osnabrück. Research and Teachings on: Audiovisual Data, Mixed Reality, AI & Film, Science & Film, Responsible Innovation, Embodiment Theories.

She will take us on a journey through the future of Artificial Intelligence and talk about transparency and trust at the borderline between bot and human.

Keynote Closing

Nicolas de Skowronski

Nicolas de Skowronski is part of the Executive Board Member at Julius Bär. He is a Private Banking executive with a physics degree, strong entrepreneurial skills and a proven track record in Investment Advisory and business development. Previous experiences include leadership of large scale transformation programs in parallel to line management duties. Nicolas shares a strong interest for digital transformation in wealth management. He will talk about “Robo Advisor ” in his keynote speech.


The experts supporting you.

Christine Ciriani

Christine has more than two decades of experience in Financial Markets (investment and private banking) and international management consulting with proven experience in creating and building businesses in Europe and Asia. She is an Industry Partner at Motive Partners with a focus on wealth management and RegTech solutions. Christine was previously Senior Partner and Managing Director Switzerland Capco and started her career at JPMorgan in the US, Europe and Asia.

Gian Nay

Gian is a co-founder of a software development company that was later successfully merged well-reputed media agency in Eastern Switzerland. He has a passion for client centric business model innovation that is enabled by exponential technologies. He has a background in strategy, business development and business transformation in small and large corporate environments. He is currently the COO of the Strategic Advisory Group for a large international bank in Switzerland. The Group originates, sources, structures and delivers complex banking solutions for Ultra High Net Worth Clients including large Family Offices, Entrepreneurs & Executives and large Wealthy Families. Before that Gian worked several years in top management strategy consulting in Switzerland and abroad. Gian holds a Master degree from the University of St. Gallen (HSG) and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Julia Holzgreve

Julia leads strategic partnerships and innovation scouting at Keen Innovation AG, the new fintech lab of Basler Kantonalbank and Bank Cler, and is always looking for new products, solutions and business models in financial services. Before joining Keen, she spent most of her career in customer strategy, CRM and digital marketing at large global corporations including UBS, eBay and Accenture. Julia holds an MBA from London Business School and she’s also a mentor in the P2 Acceleration program at F10.

Julia Kuhn

Julia is an industrial designer, human centered design expert and represents InnoSuisse as one of their innovation experts. As an innovation manager with KPT, a swiss health insurance company, Julia accompanies teams or individuals in their idea finding processes and offers consultancy and expertise in customer experience management and user centric approaches. She is a design thinking and user centered design specialist and applies co-creation, lean startup, idea generation and other creativity and innovation related methods. Julia is also an innovation curator at her own consultancy, Design & Innovation.

Martin Eckert

Dr. Martin Eckert, one of the three founding partners of MME, has broad experience in assisting international technology and commercial firms (contracts, distribution, relocation, M&A). His areas of expertise are Blockchain, IT, IP and technology law, particularly in the telecommunications and high tech sectors (inter alia medical technology). He has been appointed as an expert lawyer in negotiating many complex IT-Outsourcing, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and Data Protection (GDPR) projects, mainly for banks and insurance companies. Martin Eckert is a climate protection law and ESG pioneer. He acts as a litigator in complex commercial law cases before arbitral tribunals and commercial state courts.

Matt Lanfear

Matt Lanfear, PhD is a finance professional and consultant to financial institutions and corporates undertaking major business transformation and change management initiatives. Matt advises and coaches startup founders and teams, helping them to accelerate the realisation of their startup ambitions through developing mental toughness and high-performing teams. For F10 startup teams, Matt mentors on topics including financial strategy, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, company valuation, due diligence and funding. Matt is an active supporter of the Swiss startup community as a coach, mentor and jury member at startup competitions, accelerators and hackathons. Matt also coaches high-potential finance leaders and executives in transition.

Paulina Szyzdek

Paulina is an Investment Banking Senior Associate and a board member of Swiss FinTech Ladies Association. She used to run her own company for 3 years but then switched to the investment side and now, being extremely passionate about Venture Capital Investing, actively supports Swiss startup market. She participates in Kickstart Accelerator Program as a FinTech&Crypto Expert and now joins F10 Incubator&Accelerator as a Mentor. Additionally, Paulina is a writer for Data Driven Investor Group for Medium and she is a Swiss Ambassador for MonART, decentralised art marketplace, and the US based Startup Education platform ‘The Startup Station’. Currently, she is enrolled to an MBA program specialising in entrepreneurship and disruptive technologies on the market.

Rishi Chattopadhyay

Rishi has a proven track record in finance with a broad experience in finance business partnering, controlling, MIS, financial planning & analysis, strategy & development, accounting & consolidation. He has worked for UBS, Credit Suisse, Coutts and Bank Julius Bär before picking up a consultant role as a freelancer. Rishi joined F10 as a mentor last summer and will share his insights of hands-on problem solver approach with the Hackathon teams.

Robert Bornträger

Robert is a highly experienced, strategic thinker and leader with proven track record in business & IT transformation, business development and innovation. Robert has over 25 years of extensive leadership experience in multinational corporations not only in Switzerland but as well abroad. From his years as General Manger in Sweden and Hungary he brings wide international business experience and knowledge. This is broadened by his IT, leadership and transformation experience during his time as CIO at Cargologic and Swiss International Airlines. For the past 12 years he has successfully led one of the largest IT organizations in Switzerland and has been Member of the Executive Board of SIX. He speaks five languages and holds a Master’s degree in Management Information Technology & Business Economics of the University of Zurich. In addition, he is serving as Board Member in different companies, is Mentor at F10 and is active in the Swiss IT Leadership community as speaker and enabler.

Rudolf Falat

Rudolf is a senior Corporate Finance professional with a strong international profile and extensive experience in the Financial Services. He has led proprietary M&A transactions for Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank around the globe for more than 10 years. Rudolf is keen to help promising FinTech start-ups, especially Capital Markets FinTech, RegTech, WealthTech and InsurTech.

Christof Tremp

Christof studied engineering at the ETH and spent 17 years in insurance with focus on change with 100% success rate in getting the benefits. Deep understanding of the insurance value chain & market. I am analytical, structured, focused, pragmatic and always solution oriented.

Alberto Rivero Silveira

When he’s not busy developing new ideas, he’s probably running a marathon, listening to bass-heavy music, or annoying the intern. As a born problem solver, he also likes riddles quite a lot.

Alberto holds several master’s degrees in mathematics, finance and economy. Within a big corporate he worked in different business units from accounting, marketing to business development and HR. Currently, Alberto is founder and CEO of Qimble.

Ralf Kubli

Director at CVVC, is engaged in tokenizing assets, and building a strong Blockchain Ecosystem in Switzerland. Ralf’s goal is to enable easy to use technology delivering on the promise of decentralization on global scale. Prior to CVVC, Ralf was with an Artificial Intelligence Software Startup and in senior management roles at large corporations.

Giuliano Montanari

Giuliano is a development cooperation professional with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research in Geneva. He manages multiple country projects in the Americas under the Partnership for Action on Green Economy with a view to advance economic transformation and sustainable finance. For this end, he develops capacity building products aimed at strengthening policy makers’ knowledge base in areas such as carbon pricing, green fiscal policy and sustainable trade. As a mentor at F10, Giuliano shares his practical experience on how to incentivize green investments in developing country contexts.


Our diverse group of jury members.

Daniel Dahinden – SIX

President of F10 Board and Member of the Extended Executive Board of SIX, Head Innovation & Digital

Daniel Dahinden has been working as Head Corporate Development at SIX since 2016. As part of the strategic realignment of SIX, he has been handed the responsibility of setting up and managing the innovation & Digital business unit from 1 April 2018 as Head Innovation & Digital, and he is a member of the Extended Executive Board. Daniel Dahinden has a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from ETH Zurich. After finishing his studies, he worked as a consultant at The Boston Consulting Group, following which he completed a Master’s degree in Strategy and International Management at the University of St. Gallen and an MBA at Nanyang Business School in Singapore.

Susanne Berger – SIX

Susanne Berger is CHRO and member of the extended management board at SIX. The German-Swiss double citizen has been living in Switzerland for over 20 years. After a career in marketing and sales at Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson, she started her “second career” in HR with leading companies such as Unilever and Deloitte. She considers herself an accomplished leader with her multi-faceted background in Human Resources, Marketing, Project – and Change Management. Her recipe for success in each role is her strong commercial understanding, strategic outlook and her passion for developing people. Susanne studied Business Administration in Münster, is the mother of a 20-year-old daughter and lives in Zug. In her free time, she practices endurance sports to be fit for her passion for off-piste freeride skiing.

Nic Dreckmann – Julius Bär

Nic is the COO and Member of the Executive Board at Julius Bär. His 15 years of experience in wealth management at Julius Bär includes post-merger integration and strategic management and regional coordination. Before that, he was working across the globe as a consultant and business project manager at Accenture. He achieved his Business and Corporate Finance degree at the University of Zurich, New York University and Global Association of Risk Professionals.

Roland Pfeuti – responsAbility

Roland is a Member of the Executive Management of responsAbility Investments AG, a leading asset manager in the field of development investments. In his role he oversees the investment activities of responsAbility whose portfolio currently includes 540 companies across 90 emerging economies. With an academic background in economy and business administration, Roland Pfeuti has over 30 years of experience in project finance, investment banking and private equity. He led the establishment of the largest mid-market growth private equity funds in the Asian environmental sector and initiated innovative studies, e.g. on CleanTech private equity, sustainable forestry and sustainable infrastructure investing.

Thomas Landis – F10

Thomas Landis is the Head of F10. F10 is a Zurich based FinTech Incubator and Accelerator which supports and guides Startups in transforming their ideas into successful companies while stimulating worldwide collaboration with international finance organizations.

Thomas has been working in the financial industry for more than 18 years, with previous experiences including American Express, SIX Payment Services where lead the Innovation Team behind the national mobile payment solution Paymit until it got merged with Twint. Before that he was running his own think tank agency ‘Konzeptwerkstatt’.

Landis holds a degree in Business Administration and a Master in Corporate Innovation Management. He has had a passion for new trends and technologies ever since he was a schoolboy and combined his enthusiasm with thorough business education and a dedication to the payments industry.

Alain Schmid – Independent

Alain Schmid acts as Head Payment Services at Credit Suisse since January 2017. From 2012 until 2016 he was Chief Executive Officer at Fides Treasury Services. Prior to this, he spent nearly ten years working in the Large Swiss Corporates unit at Credit Suisse, most recently as Director and Head of Client Services. In that role, he was responsible for the operational advisory teams as well as the competence centers for Cash Management, Payment Solutions & Formalities. Alain Schmid has roughly 20 years of experience in the financial sector. He has an Executive MBA degree from the University of Zurich and is a CFA charter holder.

Karen Wendt – Independent

Karen is a serial entrepreneur and editor of the Sustainable Finance Series with Springer Science Publishing. She merges 20 years of investment banking with social and green economy finance, leadership 4.0, design thinking and ideation. She implements value-based decision making, choice architecture and theories of change and advises on Sustainable Development Goals Economics (SDG Economics) in her program scaling4impact. She won the Financial Times Sustainability Award together with peers in 2007 for this pioneering and for creating Responsible Investment Banking. She founded SwissFinTechLadies in 2018 in Zug. Blockchain and Crypto is her new focus and part of Sustainable Finance.

Marianne Wildi – Independent

Marianne Wildi is CEO at Hypothekarbank Lenzburg AG. With a multi-faceted IT background and numerous memberships in committees of the Swiss banking industry she is at the leading egde in Fintech cooperation and IT services for Swiss banks.

Roger Darin – Independent

With his first IT startup founded at age 17, Roger Darin has always been enthusiastic about technology and entrepreneurship. While he then pursued a more traditional career in Investment Banking, working in several major financial centers such as Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney and others, he continued to nurture his interests in technology. After working as a Product Manager for a wealth management platform for a little under two years, he joined inacta in Zug to support where he is heading the Crypto Assets Group and the company’s Blockchain Advisory.

Ivana Supalova – Tech

Ivana is an innovation engineer at SIX. As such, she gained broad experience in finance while working in various design thinking sprints and initiatives including topics like the connected car, blockchain, chatbots, IoT and Big Data. She gained her entrepreneurial experience by joining a SIX corporate startup in the F10 Accelerator Program as a Product Owner.

Before SIX, she worked for over ten years as a software engineer in the transportation and telecom industry.

Ivana has an MSc degree in Computer Science from Charles University in the Czech Republic and CAS in General Management from HWZ in Zurich. She is a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner and co-organized the SIX Hackathon in 2016 and 2017.

Nitin Kumar – Tech

Dr. Nitin Kumar currently leads the Data Science program at Propulsion Academy. He is an entrepreneur, teacher and a day-dreamer with more than a decade experience in Statistical Data Science. He has trained more than 60 young data scientists, from learning the core concepts to helping them get jobs in companies such as eBay, Ava Women, Swiss International Airlines, Novartis, Kayak … Having managed more than 30 machine learning and AI industrial projects, Nitin has the unique ability to combine both the technical and business acumen in Data Science.


Pierre-Edouard Wahl – Tech

Pierre-Edouard Wahl is currently the Head of Blockchain for PwC Switzerland leading blockchain infrastructure, partnerships, token issuance structuring and collaboration with industry to bring suitable solutions to the market.
Before joining PwC, he has spent three years at Credit Suisse where he started and led their blockchain department. He began diving deep into blockchain technology when he moved to Silicon Valley in 2012. Pierre-Edouard launched a B2B crypto-exchange in the Bay Area.
His challenges the status quo and strives to enable corporations to create innovative, new business models that are sustainable in a resilient and trusted ecosystem.

Isabella Brom – Tech

Isabella Brom is a business and technology professional focused on enterprise architecture, exponential technologies and blockchain-enabled solution design. She co-founded and runs KORE Technologies AG, a software and IT infrastructure company in Zurich centred around blockchain technology as a key feature for solutions and products. Isabella combines experience in functional IT architecture design, database technologies and technology advisory in the financial, real estate and telecom industry. She worked with fortune 500 clients on digital transformation projects and was fundamental to the rise and growth of EY Switzerland’s Blockchain Technologies Advisory. She advises companies like Etherisc and CrowdliToken, is board member of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland and teaches at HWZ and ZHAW on Distributed Ledger Technology Technology.»


On top of the great experience, inspiration from the various involved parties, meeting exciting people, demanding challenges and the delicious food we will serve you can win highly valuable prizes. Each member of the winning teams from the F10 FinTech Hackathon Zurich 2019 will be able to choose from a pool of the latest and coolest tech gadgets.

Smart assistants to make your life easier, noise cancelling hi-fi headphones for undisturbed studying or playing Fortnite on the newest console? We got it all!


The Golden Ticket

We also give away a Golden Ticket for our ‘Prototype to Product’ Acceleration Program in Switzerland. This 6-month program supports Startups & teams in transitioning their prototype (which you have for example developed during the Hackathon) to a sellable product. The Golden Ticket allows you to directly jump to the last step of the selection process – the speed dating in Zurich – and thus to skip most of the application hurdles.

Last, each participant will receive a ‘goodie bag’ when arriving at the location filled with various useful gadgets to spend a fun time at the Hackathon.

We offer

Last year a new area started in Singapore with the first F10 FinTech Hackathon in September and the second one in Vienna in November 2018. Zurich is the next stop on the roadmap, and we are especially proud to host the F10 FinTech Hackathon in our hometown. We are curious and excited to welcome FinTech Enthusiasts, Game-Changers, Developers, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Marketeers, Lateral Thinkers and brilliant like-minded people.

Watch the video below to gain an impression of our work.



Potential investors.

F10 is working with prestigious corporate partners, namely, Swiss banks and insurance companies. Benefit from the network and take the opportunity to pitch your idea in front of relevant market leaders.

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