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48-hours Idea to Prototype 16. - 18.11.2018

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We are looking for game changers!

Are you ready to transfer business ideas into prototypes within 48 hours? Join us in Vienna, where visionaries meet to explore ideas. It’s the opportunity to turn your bright idea into the next big thing and create the future of finance and regulation.

We are looking for Designers, Marketeers, Bankers, Financial Experts, Lateral Thinkers, great Minds, Students and also Developers. If you are motivated to build a product, service or Startup and open to new ideas do not hesitate to apply now!

23. August, 2018
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24. September, 2018
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24. October, 2018
Status update
26. October, 2018
Closing date for applications
12. November, 2018
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F10 is offering you a unique opportunity to attend the first F10 FinTech Hackathon in Austria. 48-hours of ideation and programming are waiting. In the heart of Vienna, you can meet like-minded, passionate, and curious people to challenge each other.

We aim to generate new ideas, and not to stop there, but to transform them into validated prototypes. If you have a sincere interest in solving problems and are eager to be challenged, it is the perfect place for you to be. Explore new opportunities, be an entrepreneur, and maybe even find your potential future partners, with whom you can run your Startup.

When: Friday 16th of November from 5 pm – Sunday 18th of November 2018, 8 pm
Where: weXelerate, Praterstraße 1, 1020 Vienna

We are looking forward to receiving your application!


Austrian Airline – Flight discount for the participants

Our participants benefit from a 15% discount for flights from and to Vienna thanks to our Official Carrier Austrian Airline.


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High Level Agenda

48-hours of Prototyping.

Friday, 16 November
04.00 pm    Doors open
05.00 pm    Opening Ceremony
06.00 pm    Challenge Intros
07.30 pm    Dinner
08.15 pm    Pitch your Idea & Team up
10.00 pm    Input Session: Design Thinking & Lean Canvas
11.00 pm    Deadline Team Registration
12.00 am    Midnight Snack


Saturday, 17 November
08.00 am    Breakfast
09.00 am    Input Session: Vision & Mission
11.00 am    Input Session: Value Proposition & Prototyping
12.00 pm    Lunch
01.00 pm    Fun Activity
02.00 pm    Input Session: Customer Validation
03.30 pm    Mentoring Session
07.30 pm    Dinner
08.30 pm    Input Session: How to pitch
12.00 am    Midnight Snack


Sunday, 18 November
08.00 am    Breakfast
09.00 am    Pitch Practice
12.00 pm    Lunch & Deadline for Presentation
01.30 pm    First Round of Pitches
03.00 pm   Jury Selects Top10
03.30 pm    Top10 Pitches on Stage
04.00 pm    Closing Ceremony with Top Ten Pitches
05.30 pm    Apéro
08.00 pm    End of Hackathon


Are you still wondering if you fit in? We are happy to remove uncertainties and support you if you have any further questions.

Viola Zoller

Event & Community Manager - SIX Group

Viola Zoller


Exchange ideas with us in Vienna.

WeXelarete is the perfect location for our first FinTech Hackathon in Vienna. We are glad to host our event in the innovation hub of Austria with nearly 9000 sqm. The game changers we are looking for will have great access to a thriving ecosystem with best conditions. Fun activities will play a central part during the two days, including delicious food options to keep you going. Little sleep might be a temporary side effect, but we promise, it will be worth it, as we will create a memorable experience together.



Future Interaction of Shareholders and Companies in the Digital Age

Future Interaction of Shareholders and Companies in the Digital Age

Today, the shareholder voting value chain is a long and complex process. This is true not only in Switzerland but also in all other markets. Due to the current market structure, shareholder voting is still a highly manual process, and only a few aspects are automized today. In addition, the different country jurisdictions enforce multiple legal frameworks of how to process and disclose relevant data (mostly tax-driven topics). Laws and obligations affecting the entire value chain, especially the protection of the investor, are therefore different according to the respective location of the company, investor, or intermediaries of the value chain.

What if an all-inclusive infrastructure could support all market participants in real time? This would not only enhance speed as notification, voting, and the result can be processed almost simultaneously but also ensure equal access to market data. Moving away from the current chain of action steps to a future Star- / Hub- / Grid-processing, all stakeholders could have the same information on voting, instructions, and results corresponding to their respective roles.

Create a solution that takes the relationship and interactions between shareholders and companies to the next level. Use state-of-the-art technology for unique features and experiences, and also think of new ways to exchange information. The solution needs to fulfil the highest information security requirements. Aim at simplifying the processes and enhancing the experience of the shareholders. On the flip side, also consider the needs of companies, as such a solution can only become successful if both parties benefit from using it. For this challenge, you will be guided by proxy voting specialists of SIX.


Customer Empowerment when Managing Their Financials

Customer Empowerment when Managing Their Financials

How can we empower the customers to manage their financials? What information do customers need at which point in time? Who will provide a digital solution that both supports and teaches the customers, but does not overwhelm them?

Meaningful decisions can only be made based on the right data presented in a comprehensible way. To support a customer in managing his financials, solely listing his needs is not enough. Additional features presented in an intuitive way are necessary to create a unique customer experience. This includes, but is not limited to, budgets for certain spending categories and saving goals. It’s essential to involve the customer, but avoid annoying them. In order to prevent overwhelming our customers, increasing financial literacy is key. Teaching financial basics in the progress of using the digital solution further improves customer experience. More complex products can be addressed separately by creative and easy-to-understand methods.

We are seeking outstanding ideas and solutions to solve customers’ high priority banking needs, which will not only change the way financial data is presented to the customer but also the way they think about it.


Blockchain and the financial infrastructure

Blockchain and the financial infrastructure

Imagine a world where global financial systems are easy, transparent, and secure at the same time — a digital infrastructure that combines the ease and finality of financial transactions with the speed and reach of global communications, where fees are fully transparent for the customer, reduced to the minimum, and the effort to carry out transactions is minimal for the customer as well.

Imagine a financial infrastructure where money laundering, corruption, and terrorist financing are impossible while, at the same time, personal privacy is strengthened. Imagine a financial system that could be far more effectively regulated because regulators could prevent financial crises before they happen.

Lastly, imagine a digital exchange where buyers and sellers administrate themselves, where dividends are paid out automatically and registration of the new owner of the asset is obsolete.

What role will blockchain and crypto play in that world? You are invited to create a service or product idea, reinventing the financial infrastructure by either building on blockchain technology or playing with crypto elements. It's up to your imagination.


Gamification in Banking & Insurance

Gamification in Banking & Insurance

Gaming usually refers to the act of playing (video) games for leisure. What if gaming elements entered our business world and turned business processes into fun activities? Gamification is a concept that combines the elements of design and principles of gaming into non-gaming applications to generate better client experience and increase customer utilization rates. Now think about a world that brings gamification into banking & insurance. Imagine how banks can establish emotional connections with leads, prospects or existing customers. Gamification may even enable increased digital interaction between customers and their insurance, like paying their bills or evaluating their policy options. How would customers experience their providers in that world? How might gamification enhance the client experience for investment decisions in private banking or even make an insurance customer adapt to a healthier lifestyle?

Create that banking and insurance future. Develop solutions that make customers prefer one provider over the other thanks to gamification.


All you can win.

In addition to having a great weekend, meeting exciting people, working on demanding challenges and having great food, the winners of the F10 FinTech Hackathon Vienna 2018 will receive fantastic prices. Each member of the winning teams will be able to choose from a pool of the latest and coolest tech gadgets.

Smart assistants to make your life easier, noise cancelling hi-fi headphones for undisturbed studying or playing Fortnite on the newest console? We got it all!


The Golden Ticket

We also give away a Golden Ticket for our ‘Prototype to Product’ Acceleration Program in Switzerland. This 6-month program supports Startups & teams in transitioning their prototype (which you have for example developed during the Hackathon) to a sellable product. The Golden Ticket allows you to directly jump to the last step of the selection process – the speed dating in Zurich – and thus to skip most of the application hurdles.

Last, each participant will receive a ‘goodie bag’ when arriving at the location filled with various useful gadgets to spend a fun time at the Hackathon.


The brilliant heads for guidance and support.

Christian Zeiler

Christian leads Open Innovation at Generali Switzerland from their “Innovation Garage”, enabling and accelerating collaboration with startups, corporates, academia and associations. He is a corporate partner at Fintech Accelerator F10, Vice President at Swiss Fintech Innovations and co-founder of the most active event series on Insurtech in Switzerland. Christian has broad experience in financial services from developing and implementing strategies for a global universal bank in Europe and APAC. Prior to joining Generali, he founded and ran a tech startup in New York. Christian holds an MBA from IE Business School and a MSc from ETH Zurich.

Christoph Kanneberger

More than 10 years of experience in the banking industry in various positions at J.P. Morgan and UBS in London and Frankfurt. Profound knowledge of capital markets and financial services in general.

CFO of a 3-digit Million turnover HR service provider. In depth expertise in HR Services, future working environments and its value chain.

Markus Kainz

CEO and Founder at primeCROWD, Serial Co-Founder: Courseticket, 1000things, Carployee

Startup Coach and Juror, incl. Austria Wirtschaftsservice, Wirtschaftsagentur Wien, Impact Hub Vienna

Lecturer – WU Wien and FH Wien

Headed the SLAX Accelerator of LeitnerLeitner

Keynote Speaker Startup investments

Piotr Grudzien

Piotr is the CEO & Founder of Incentivai which is building a tool for testing smart contract economies using simulation with ML agents. Together with the company, he participated in Y Combinator Summer 2018 batch. Prior to that, he worked on Machine Learning applications for fraud detection at Featurespace and for Natural Language Processing at Microsoft in London. Piotr graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Computer and Information Engineering.

Florian Übelacker

Chief Commercial Officer at primeCROWD

Advisory Board Member at flemio, Mentor at Vienna Impact Hub, Business Angel and Advisor at Carployee

Former Head of Tech, Media & Telecoms EMEA at GLG

7+ years’ experience in Private Equity & Venture Capital in London

Headed global Research & Due Diligence projects

Alexander Gugumuck

Alexander has recently joined VISA’s FinTech engagement team whose aim is to connect and build collaboration between VISA and entrepreneurs. Prior to VISA, Alexander worked as an innovation manager for an international payment company. In addition, he has over 10 years of experience in the telecommunications sector.

Georg Freilinger

I have been in the product trenches in consumer financing and lending, particularly pay-later products of all sorts, so broadly speaking FinTech. My background is business and a bit of Human-Machine-Interaction, plus a dash of self-taught regulatory understanding.


Ras Molnar

Ras is a managing partner of Rapid Data, a research company for wealth management and private banks. Prior to founding Rapid Data, he co-founded sli.do, the conference interaction company in 2012 and let a team that developed a prototype of motion tracking garments for sport in 2014. He is teaching Corporate Finance online MBA courses at Imperial College London and Comenius University in Bratislava and has the experience with startups, technology firms, data analysis and finance. He holds MSc in Finance from Rotterdam School of Management and currently finishes his MPhil and PhD degrees in finance and management research at Imperial College London and Comenius University.


Piotr Grudzien

Piotr is the CEO & Founder of Incentivai which is building a tool for testing smart contract economies using simulation with ML agents. Together with the company, he participated in Y Combinator Summer 2018 batch. Prior to that, he worked on Machine Learning applications for fraud detection at Featurespace and for Natural Language Processing at Microsoft in London. Piotr graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in Computer and Information Engineering.

Daniel Dahinden

President of F10 Board and Member of the Extended Executive Board of SIX, Head Innovation & Digital

Daniel Dahinden has been working as Head Corporate Development at SIX since 2016. As part of the strategic realignment of SIX, he has been handed the responsibility of setting up and managing the new Innovation & Digital business unit from 1 April 2018 as Head Innovation & Digital and he is member of the Extended Executive Board. Daniel Dahinden has a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from ETH Zurich. After finishing his studies, he worked as a consultant at The Boston Consulting Group, following which he completed a Master’s degree in Strategy and International Management at the University of St. Gallen and an MBA at Nanyang Business School in Singapore.

Georg Imboden

Georg is working at SIX Group for more than 3 years as a Senior Product Manager Securities Custody, therefore, one of the first FinTech thinking forces within SIX. Before, he worked at UBS for about 30 years in several functional- & line-management roles mainly in banking operations. Starting at SIX, he recognized quickly that the entire securities industry is heavily lacking of standards and in general of efficient FinTech solutions. In his role as innovation legionary and his personal goal to bring SIX in a future favorite FinTech position, he invested many hours contributing into several SIX tender panels. His strength is to motivate people of all kind of cultures and roles in order to focus theme on a common developed sellable solution.

Gerald Resch

Gerald Resch is Secretary General of the Austrian Bankers’ Association since 2014 and a Member of the Executive Committee at the European Banking Federation. In his function he especially promotes the digital transformation of the banking sector and supports several initiatives in this context in Austria. Before he was Managing Director of the integrated supervision department at the Austrian Financial Market Authority. He is also publisher of several articles in specialized industry journals.

Gerald studied law and business administration at the University of Graz, where he also holds a doctoral degree.

Guzel Gumerova

Guzel is a Partner at Speedinvest, the leading Venture Capital fund providing growth capital for FinTech startups in Europe and emerging markets. Before joining Speedinvest, Guzel served as Board Member at Dirigo, an independent investment and advisory firm that provides strategic advice to investors, startups, corporations, and asset management firms. Guzel gained profound transactional experience in investment banking through her senior positions, as a Partner at a leading corporate finance advisory firm in the CEE region, VCP Capital Partners, and VP for Business Development at a global private equity firm, Finstar Financial Group, among other roles. Prior to that, Guzel worked as Assistant Director at CA IB Corporate Finance, Tax and Investment Controller at Nestle, and Tax Senior at Arthur Andersen.

Joseph O’Brien

A passionate Course Engineer at Mimo, working behind the scenes to help the world learn to code, one bite-size exercise at a time.

Andreas Iten

Andreas Iten is a highly experienced innovation & entrepreneurship strategist, with proven leadership in high-level innovation, open-innovation, information technology management and entrepreneurship. He has worked for over 15 years within leading institutions in the IT service, airline & transportation and the financial industry. Since 2015 Andreas was leading technology innovation and the Chief Information Officer for the division Financial Information within SIX Group. Today he is responsible for the FinTech venture fund of SIX.

His specific areas of expertise focus on end-to-end innovation frameworks, innovation ecosystems, entrepreneurial spillovers, emerging technologies, digital innovation and business transformation.

Andreas is co-founder of the the SIXHackathon (Europe’s largest Fintech coding contest), co-founder and board member of the Zurich based F10 Fin Tech Incubator & Accelerator.

He is a public speaker and active communicator on social media.

Kambis Kohansal

  • CMO & COO at primeCROWD
  • Serial Co-Founder incl. whatchado, Saturo, Carployee
  • Managing Director Freebiebox
  • Mentored 100+ early-stage startups and SMEs
  • Startup Coach & Juror, incl. Austria Wirtschaftsservice, Wirtschaftsagentur Wien & Science Park Graz
  • Elected as a European Digital Leader by the World Economic Forum

Marcus Kapun

Since 2018, Marcus Kapun is Chief Digital Officer at BAWAG P.S.K and responsible for the group’s digital strategy as well as the delivering key retail products and regulatory projects in a truly agile way. His key responsibilities also include the development of the Digital Banking Platform as well as partnerships and cooperation with FinTech companies, which both will play a significant role in the group’s strategy of digital transformation. Before taking over his current role, he worked in various management positions within the company, most recently as Head of Digital Banking. Marcus Kapun studied business management at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna.

Maximilian Schausberger

Maximilian Schausberger is program lead of Elevator Lab and Elevator Ventures. In this position he drives strategic direct investments in later-stage fintech start-ups for shaping the future of banking. He is a fintech fan from day one and a frequent speaker at international fintech conferences.

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F10 is expanding internationally, after writing Hackathon success stories in Switzerland. As a proven expert, ranked multiple times amongst the ten best European incubator & accelerators, F10 was designing and executing the flourishing SIX FinTech Games in Zurich in the past. This year a new area started in Singapore with the first F10 FinTech Hackathon in September. The F10 FinTech Hackathon Tour is continuing in central Europe. Vienna is the next official stop on the roadmap, and the F10 team is curious and excited to welcome game-changers on the premises of the modernly equipped weXelerate. The hub successfully brings together brilliant developers, designer, entrepreneurs, and marketers. Watch the video below to gain an impression of our work.

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