F10 FinTech Hackathon­
48-hours Idea to Prototype 21 – 23.9.2018

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We are looking for game changers!

Are you ready to transfer business ideas into prototypes within 48 hours? Join us in Singapore, where visionaries meet to explore ideas. It’s the opportunity to turn your bright idea into the next big thing and create the future of finance and regulation.


The Hackathon will take place on the top floor (5th floor) of the SMU Li Kha Shing Library. Just go to the main entrance to follow the F10 FinTech Hackathon signage.

31. July, 2018
Topics defined
24. August, 2018
Closing date for applications
26. August, 2018
Status update
07. September, 2018
Announcement of event details
21. September, 2018
FinTech Hackathon

How to participate

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F10 is offering you a unique opportunity to attend the first F10 FinTech Hackathon in Asia. 48-hours of ideation and programming are waiting. In the heart of Singapore, you can meet like-minded, passionate, and curious people to challenge each other.

We aim to generate new ideas, and not to stop there, but to transform them into validated prototypes. If you have a sincere interest in solving problems and are eager to be challenged, it is the perfect place for you to be. Explore new opportunities, be an entrepreneur, and maybe even find your potential future partners, with whom you can run your startup.

We are sorry, but we don’t accept any more applications.

When: Friday 21st of September from 5 pm – Sunday 23rd of September 2018, 8 pm
Where: Singapore Management University

By the 26th of August 2018, we will notify all applicants by email regarding the selection process.


High Level Agenda

High Level Agenda

Friday, 21 September

04.00 pm    Doors open
05.00 pm    Opening Ceremony
06.00 pm    Challenge Intro of F10 and Zühlke
06.45 pm    Challenge Intro of SIX and Julius Bae
07.30 pm    Dinner
08.15 pm    Pitch your Idea & Team up
10.00 pm    Input Session: Design Thinking & Lean Canvas
11.00 pm    Deadline Team Registration
12.00 pm    Midnight Snack


Saturday, 22 September

08.00 am    Breakfast
09.00 am    Input Session: Vision & Mission
11.00 am    Input Session: Value Proposition & Prototyping
12.00 am    Lunch
01.00 pm    Fun Activity
02.00 pm    Input Session: Customer Validation
03.30 pm    Mentoring Session
07.30 pm    Dinner
08.30 pm    Input Session: How to pitch
12.00 pm    Midnight Snack


Sunday, 23 September

08.00 am    Breakfast
09.00 am    Pitch Practice
12.00 am    Lunch & Deadline for Presentation
01.30 pm    First Round of Pitches
03.00 pm   Jury Selects Top10
03.30 pm    Top10 Pitches on Stage
04.00 pm    Closing Ceremony with Top Ten Pitches
05.30 pm    Apéritif
08.00 pm    End of Hackathon


Meet us in the heart of Singapore.

We are happy to announce that the FinTech Hackathon will take place at the modern, best-equipped and centrally-located Singapore Management University (SMU). It is the perfect temporary home for FinTech enthusiasts to become creative and to develop their ideas fearlessly, in close collaboration with other game changers. Great activities will play a central part during the two days, including delicious food options to keep you going. Little sleep might be a temporary side effect, but we promise, it will be worth it, as we will create a memorable experience together. Let us get the countdown started.


Our four Challenges.


Reinventing the way we visualize and display Financial Data

Reinventing the way we visualize and display Financial Data

Financial markets generate millions of messages a day but the conventional display terminals can only display a tiny fraction of the data on the user's screen. How can we deliver large amounts of data to users in an intuitive way and help users interpret the markets? To enable investors to have a holistic view of the markets to make better and informed investment decisions.

You are invited to find creative and interactive ways of presenting financial data incorporating both traditional financial data (market/reference data, financial products, economic events, regulations, etc.), alternative data (searches, social media, etc.) and personal investment goals.


Private Banking with the Next Generation(s): Create the personal touch - virtually

Private Banking with the Next Generation(s): Create the personal touch - virtually

Millennials and post-millennials all over the world are forcing industries of all types to rethink their client service model. The traditional, centuries-old private banking model prides itself on building personal relationship and trust with its clients, typically over a period of time. However, the next generations have very specific needs and preferences for technology-based interaction and instantaneous response. The interaction between businesses and clients are constantly redefined through trends such as chat platforms, gamification, as well as accessibility to personal information.

We invite you to help shape the future of Private Banking by contributing your ideas on how to best engage, gain, and sustain the interactions with the “Clients of Tomorrow”, while still keeping to the private banking’s creed of being personal. Your ideas may include the development of a hybrid tool, innovative concept of a multi-channel platform, or an entirely new comprehensive, personalised advisory model; you name it.


Digital Finance Home of the Future

Digital Finance Home of the Future

In a world where multi-channel solutions, chatbots, 24/7 access are almost part of everyday life, where all financial institutions provide access to their data via open APIs - what is the future of the Digital Financial Home, once the inevitable consolidation of the FinTech world has arrived? How can customer experience remain unique and compelling? Will the consolidated solution be delivered by traditional banks or by FinTechs? Or by both in collaboration? Where and what data is generated and could be shared across applications and platform to increase value? What role will AI play?

We invite you to create that future and develop an interactive prototype of a “consolidated” solution that will convince private customers in the future. To help you, we will provide a set of Mockup Banking APIs (payments, trading, financing as a service) ready for you to experiment with.


Blockchain and the financial infrastructure

Blockchain and the financial infrastructure

Imagine a world where global financial systems are easy, transparent and secure at the same time. A digital infrastructure that combines the ease and finality of financial transactions with the speed and reach of global communications. Where fees are fully transparent for the customer, reduced to the minimum and the effort to carry out transactions is minimal for the customer as well. Imagine a financial infrastructure where money laundering, corruption and terrorist financing are impossible, while at the same time personal privacy is strengthened. A financial system that could be far more effectively regulated, because regulators could prevent financial crises before they happen. And imagine a digital exchange where buyer and sellers administrate themselves. Where dividends are paid out automatically and registration of the new owner of the asset is obsolete. What role will blockchain and crypto play in that world?

You are invited to create a service or product idea reinventing the financial infrastructure either building on blockchain technology or playing with crypto elements, up to your imagination.


Get introduced to our Jury members.

Daniel Dahinden

Daniel Dahinden is the President of the F10 Board and Member of the Extended Executive Board of SIX, Head Innovation & Digital

He has been working as Head Corporate Development at SIX since 2016. As part of the strategic realignment of SIX, he has been handed the responsibility of setting up and managing the new Innovation & Digital business unit from 1 April 2018 as Head Innovation & Digital and he is member of the Extended Executive Board. Daniel Dahinden has a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from ETH Zurich. After finishing his studies, he worked as a consultant at The Boston Consulting Group, following which he completed a Master’s degree in Strategy and International Management at the University of St. Gallen and an MBA at Nanyang Business School in Singapore.


Cheryl Lee

Cheryl Lee is Head of Data Operations APAC for SIX’s Financial Information business unit.  With teams in Singapore and Japan, she is responsible for APAC data operations. This growing business manages exchange data, market data, reference data, corporate action data and price contributors of all major asset classes.  Cheryl was previously at the Investment Banking division of Credit Suisse in the Reference Data Products team. Prior to that she held key roles at Thomson Reuters within Service & Data Quality, Data Content Transformation Change Projects, Fundamental Data Content Management and on the Asean Market Data desk.



Andreas Zingg

Andreas Zingg was appointed Chief Operating Officer Asia for Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd. in April 2012. Based in Singapore, he is responsible for Information Technology, Operations, Accounts Management, Corporate Services, and Business Transformation. He joined Bank Julius Baer in 2003 as Head of Corporate Development and Strategic Planning and has since assumed the roles of Head of Group Controlling and Head of Strategic Business Development, Private Banking. Prior to relocating to Asia he was the Bank’s Global Head of Human Resources.

Andreas holds a Diploma (equivalent to Master of Science) in Industrial Management and Manufacturing (with distinction) from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), and an MBA from INSEAD, Fontainebleau in France.


Wolfgang Giersche

Wolfgang Giersche is principal business consultant and partner at Zühlke Engineering AG. He holds a degree in theoretical nuclear physics but went astray into the field of software engineering. In his current position, Wolfgang advises corporate clients on their AI/ML journey – specializing on what it means to take machine learning artifacts into production environments. In his spare time, he plays with Tensorflow neural networks and maintains a machine-learning challenge for hackathons.




Dr Ser-Keng ANG

Ser-Keng has been actively teaching, undergraduate, executive and post graduate programs since 2003.  He has also been training private bankers and their clients in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.  In addition to teaching, Ser-Keng is also highly experienced in designing, structuring and directing executive and private banking programs for private banks and their clients.  Ser-Keng has been consistently placed on the Dean’s Honor List as top teaching faculty since 2003. He won the SMU Teaching Excellence Award in 2008 as the Most Promising Teacher and he won the Best Teaching Award for MBA elective professor (2012 & 2013) & a special award for applying theory to practical settings (From the Classroom to Boardroom Award 2013) for the MBA class. He is the first faculty to be awarded the SMU Teaching Excellence Award for excellent teaching  in Executive Development in 2013.  He also won the teaching excellence award for Postgraduate Professional Programs  both in 2014 & 2015. In 2016, he was conferred the Commendation Medal by the President of the Republic of Singapore for his contribution to education. In 2017, he won the SMU Teaching Excellence Award for excellent teaching  in Executive Development., as well as the award for the most outstanding faculty in the EMBA program.


Nicholas Hacking

Nicholas is co-responsible for ERI’s Sales activities internationally and is also responsible for its operations in the US/Caribbean, Middle East and Asia/Pacific, as well as the UK and Channel Islands. He has been with ERI since 1996. Prior to joining ERI, Nicholas worked for several IT companies, and in client facing and operational roles in the wealth management operations of several international banks.

ERI’s software application, the OLYMPIC Banking System, is specifically designed for financial institutions, especially in the retail and private banking, wealth management, fund and investment management areas. The OLYMPIC Banking System has a leading position amongst financial institutions in the wealth management sector.


Fabrice Filliez

1990 – 1996
Legal Officer, Federal Office of Justice, European and International Law Division

1996 – 1997
Diplomatic Secretary, Swiss Embassy in Egypt

1997 – 2001
Legal Officer, Directorate for Public International Law, Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2002 – 2005
Legal Counsellor, Swiss Mission to the European Union

2005 – 2009
Minister-Counsellor and Head of Political Coordination, Directorate for European Affairs

2009 – 2012
Head of Economic and Finance Section, Swiss Embassy in the United Kingdom

2013 – 2017
Ambassador for Multilateral Tax Issues, State Secretariat for International Finance

January – April 2018
Ambassador at Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs

May 2018
Ambassador to Singapore


Carina Zuber

Carina is an international banking expert with various roles in client facing positions, investment product distribution, strategic business development and operations for UBS Switzerland and Hong Kong as well as for a smaller retail bank in Switzerland. She is also an intercultural expert, having worked, studied and lived in more than six countries, across three continents and with more than 25 different nationalities in the past 20 years. Carina left banking to join Investment Navigator, a Swiss Fintech/Regtech with clients like UBS, DBS or LGT. As Managing Director she is responsible for building the Asian business from scratch. Carina thrives on new challenges and likes great team work as well as performance at the highest level. This also applies to her personal life, being a multiple Swiss Champion in Team Aerobics.

Carina holds an MBA from Singapore Management University and IE Business School and was honored by the BetaGammaSigma Association for her top academic achievements. Her colleagues awarded her also with the “Best Mama/Papa Award”.



Olivier Berthier

Olivier is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in banking technology and entrepreneurship. He is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Moneythor, a Singapore-based fintech company focusing on digital banking and real-time customer analystics.

Prior to cofounding Moneythor in early 2013, Olivier was Global Solutions Director at Misys (now Finastra), one of the leading banking software providers. His role was to manage the strategic direction and the successful rollout, globally, of a portfolio of front-to-back solutions in the trade and supply chain finance, cash management, payments, financial messaging and digital banking space.

Olivier previously was the founder and CEO of NEOMAlogic, a developer of innovative, internet-based front-end solutions for corporations and banks. During his tenure, he formulated the company’s strategy and played a major role in ongoing product development, sales, marketing and support until the successful sale of the company to Misys.


Your support.

Abhinav Mishra

Abhinav is Co-Founder and CEO of Value3, a B2B FinTech offering Risk Management and Robo-advisory solutions leveraging big data, artificial intelligence and quantitative research. Value3’s flagship product, CREDIBLE, is an AI-powered, fully automated, risk based Credit Rating Engine for corporates, bonds and ICOs.

Abhinav is a Distinguished Alumni of New York University Stern School of Business and University of Mumbai.

He was amongst the 2017 shortlist of under-35 global young scientists for the “Global Young Scientist Summit” organised by National Research Foundation, Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore. His research work on AI applications to emerging market credit risk has been recognised by Imperial College London and New York University.

Abhinav is also an expert speaker at various International Conferences across EU/Asia on topics related to credit risk, FinTech and artificial intelligence.


Jason Strimpel

Founder and co-founder of five startups, technical advisor to three, investor in two. Enterprise CIO, startup CTO. Leader of global engineering teams. 15 years experience in capital markets, financial services and technology.






Jeremy Berger

Jeremy is the Portfolio Director of Life. SREDA, one of the first fintech only venture capital funds in Southeast Asia. Through its two funds, Life.SREDA has made nearly 25 investments with 7 exits to date across the US, Europe, & SE Asia. Together with the Life.SREDA team, Jeremy also manages Arival Bank, a venture-backed digital banking startup. Additionally, Jeremy helped create Goldbell Investments, the corporate VC arm of the Goldbell Group, focusing on investments in mobility and automotive innovations. Prior to joining the venture capital and startup scene in Singapore, Jeremy worked for various fintech startups as well as one of the largest wealth management firms in the US.



Wanyi Wong

Wanyi is a Partner in PwC Singapore leading the FinTech practice working with startups, accelerators, venture capitalists to financial institutions and regulator. PwC’s FinTech Practice aims to enable the future of financial services by offering a wide spectrum of services to diverse players within the FinTech ecosystem. Having worked in the Singapore, America and Australia firms within the PwC network, she has serviced a wide array of clients ranging from American and European institutions to Asia Pacific banks and funds. She has over 13 years of extensive audit and advisory experience in PwC Financial Services practice.


Dr Yu Yinghui

Yinghui heads the Master of Finance and the Graduate Diploma in Financial Technology programmes at Singapore University of Social Sciences. She is a CFA, CAIA, PhD in Finance and has years of trading experience in financial derivatives. She co-heads the Inclusion Sub-committee at ACCESS (Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association) and is a member of Singapore Technical Committee for Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies (ISO/TC 307).


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F10 is expanding internationally, after writing Hackathon success stories in Switzerland. As a proven expert, ranked multiple times amongst the ten best European incubator & accelerators, F10 was designing and executing the flourishing SIX FinTech Games in Zurich in the past. The hub successfully brought together brilliant developers, designer, entrepreneurs, and marketers. Watch the video below to gain an impression of our work.

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