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F10 FinTech Hackathon­
48-hours Idea to Prototype 13 – 15.9.2019

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You have a great idea you want to bring to life together with other curious individuals? Are you ready to take your brainchild one step further, not only to dream about it but to transfer your idea into a prototype? Join us in Singapore, where visionaries meet. Test your capabilities of being an entrepreneur for a weekend. The F10 FinTech Hackathon is the opportunity to turn your bright idea into the next big thing and create the future of finance and regulation.

15. July, 2019
Topics defined
21. August, 2019
Closing date for applications
27. August, 2019
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30. August, 2019
Announcement of event details
13. September, 2019
FinTech Hackathon

How to participate

F10 is offering you a unique opportunity to attend the second F10 FinTech Hackathon in Asia. 48-hours of ideation and programming are waiting. In the heart of Singapore, you can meet like-minded, passionate, and curious people to challenge each other.

We aim to generate new ideas, and not to stop there, but to transform them into validated prototypes. If you have a sincere interest in solving problems and are eager to be challenged, it is the perfect place for you to be. Explore new opportunities, be an entrepreneur, and maybe even find your potential future partners, with whom you can run your startup.

When: Friday 13th of September from 6 pm – Sunday 15th of September 2019, 8 pm
Where: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, 7 Straits View, Marina One, East Tower, Level 12, Singapore

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High Level Agenda

High Level Agenda

Friday, 13 September

06.00 pm           Doors open
07.00 pm           Opening Ceremony
07.30 pm           Keynote Speaker
08.00 pm           Workshops
08.40 pm           Dinner
09.15 pm            Pitch your Idea
10.00 pm           Team up
11.00 pm            Deadline for Team Registration
12.00 am            Midnight Snack


Saturday, 14 September

08.00 am           Breakfast
09.00 am           Input Session: Vision & Mission
11.00 am           Input Session: Value Proposition & Prototyping
12.00 pm           Lunch
01.00 pm           Fun Activity
03.00 pm           Mentorship
07.00 pm           Dinner
08.00 pm           Input Session: Customer Validation
10.00 pm           Pitch Practice I
12.00 am           Midnight Snack

Sunday, 15 September

08.00 am          Breakfast
09.30 am          Travel Reimbursement
11.00 am           Pitch Practice II
12.00 pm          Lunch & Deadline for Presentation and Prototype
01.30 pm          1st Jury Pitch Top 10
05.00 pm          Announcement of Winner
05.30 pm          Apéritif
08.00 pm          End of Event



Our Challenges


Recreating the Experience for Investment Decisions

Recreating the Experience for Investment Decisions

Traditional representation and investment strategies do not reflect the new generation of investors. With thematic investing gaining in popularity and replacing traditional asset allocations, the market calls for a solution that is more engaging than click and point investing. A solution that also focuses on the investor’s core life values. The days of looking at charts and making decisions based on trend lines and volume bars are numbered. The time has come for a more immersive investing experience that moves beyond keyboard and mouse. Asset, portfolio and fund managers often resort to a cookie-cutter approach when addressing themes such as environmental, social and corporate governance.

How can we integrate reference data, corporate action data, pricing, compliance, regulations and news - creatively utilize data analytics and data visualization techniques coupled with the usage of collaborative filtering, AI, machine learning - to craft portfolios for the new generation of investors?


Leverage Technology to make Private Banking Scalable

Leverage Technology to make Private Banking Scalable

Private banks offer multiple services that blend wealth planning, wealth management and wealth financing. The complexity of offering this holistic service that caters to individual needs and the demanding nature of the private banking clientele means that private banking will remain a high-touch business anchored around personal and trusted relationships and thus intrinsically difficult to scale.

The private banking industry is facing continuous economic and regulatory change and the emergence of technology disrupters that pose a direct threat to the private banks’ traditional business model. Ongoing digitalisation with 24/7 connectivity and access to information has led to clients becoming increasingly financially sophisticated and demanding more tailored advice and customised solutions. In this challenging environment, economies of scale are crucial to extend footprint and achieve growth while meeting the individual needs of high net-worth individuals and families. Private banks must find ways to leverage technology to manage a larger client base and assets under management without a proportional increase in resources along the value chain.

We invite you to create a solution which enables scalability in private banking e.g. by allowing private banks to reduce client on-boarding times, speed up time to market of new investment ideas and products, increase relationship manager productivity, create touch points for the next generation of clients, decrease the effort behind regulatory or risk-related activities and responding to regulatory change.


Make Cross-Border Payments Easy!

Make Cross-Border Payments Easy!

Thanks to technology, the world has become more connected than ever before. Almost everyone has a social media account. Despite all of that, transferring money between people is still a challenge - even more so across borders. Even with the rise of Bitcoin and Blockchain, which were created to ease the pain, not everyone uses Bitcoin and its underlying technology nor trusts it. We believe that transferring money should be as easy as liking an Instagram post - let's turn social media into the payment channel of the modern age.

We invite you to develop a solution which allows everyone on the internet to send and receive money seamlessly domestically and internationally. Let's make money transfer and payments easier than ever!


DLT for a sustainable and trusted future

DLT for a sustainable and trusted future

Put your money where it is most needed. Microloans, female empowerment or children’s education in developing countries, the opportunities for doing good with your money are endless. Did you get what you were promised? Today, sustainable investments are a high priority, especially for the younger generations.

Imagine a world where global systems are easy, transparent and secure at the same time. A digital infrastructure that combines the ease and finality of financial transactions with the speed and reach of global communications. Where fees are fully transparent for the customer, reduced to the minimum and the effort to carry out transactions is minimal for the customer as well. And imagine a digital exchange where buyers and sellers administrate themselves. What role will DLT play in that world?

You are invited to create a service or product idea either building on a DLT like Blockchain technology or playing with tokenization, up to your imagination.

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Changing customer demands, digitalization and globalization: the global finance industry is undergoing far-reaching changes. FinTech offers financial institutions countless options to improve customer experience and stay attractive in a market where change is happening at a fast pace. The participants of the F10 FinTech Hackathon are invited to solve one out of five real-life challenges provided by  sponsors as well as by F10 in collaboration with our corporate members – or to promote innovation in banking and finance by realizing their ideas.

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Find out more about the application process, the Hackathon program, the challenges that you are invited to solve within the 48 hours of programming and ideation or the prizes the best-performing teams can win.

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F10 is working with prestigious corporate partners, namely, Swiss banks and insurance companies. Benefit from the network and take the opportunity to pitch your idea in front of relevant market leaders.

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