How do I apply?

Submit an online application via F6S.


What if I am a Startup based outside of Switzerland, will you cover my travel costs?

Yes, we reimburse a total of CHF 15’000.- for each Startup that is part of the program. The money will be paid after the successful completion of three milestones.


What kind of trainings does F10 provide?

Many different ones, like, Pitch training, Structuring your Value Proposition, Defining your Vision, Team Building, User Experience, Marketing, Founding and Funding of a Company in Switzerland, Legal and Regulatory, and many more.


Not all of us are working 100% on the project is that a problem?

We only pick 15 Startups per batch. During the 6 months, we help them day and night with all our heart and soul to be successful. Since we dedicate so much time and energy into each Startup, we expect the founders to work fulltime on the project. Therefore, we only accept Startups with at least two persons working 100% on the project.


We already have an MVP, can we still apply?

If the Startup is willing to question their launched product, and if needed to pivot the product, then we can also accept teams who have already launched their product. Nevertheless, our focus is on very early stage Startups who have at least a validated prototype.


We are not incorporated, is that a problem?

Not at all. We help you to get incorporated in Switzerland.


What types of Startups can apply?

Our Program is intended for teams with great first prototypes to create minimal viable products. We look for Startups which can take full advantage of Switzerland as a starting point to successfully enter the market for their product, service or application. Most F10 Startups are FinTech, InsurTech or RegTech related.

We consider all the business questions around the product business concept and market size. In the end, we want to know if yours is a great team and the right team for your product and business.


My Startup is not located in Switzerland. Can I still apply to the F10?

Absolutely. We are looking for the most promising business ideas, and we know those come from all over the world. Online participation of the program is possible, but the presence of 2 co-founders during the 6 training weeks in Zurich is mandatory.


Do you help Startups getting a Visa for Switzerland?

F10 cannot help the Startups to get a Visa for Switzerland. Therefore, the teams only must be present in Zurich for 6 weeks. Startups should be able to attend these 6 weeks with a tourist or an education Visa.


Are you looking for a particular stage Startup?

We have no specific stage requirements, but most Startups will have assembled a team and developed a prototype. But we need to see the team has made a real commitment to the company and a clear vision for its future.


Do you require a certain number of founders?

Yes. We require at least 2 team members working 100% on the project.


If my company has already received funding can we apply?

Yes. We accept companies that have already raised funding.


How much does F10 invest in each Startup?

F10 does not invest in Startups directly, but our Corporate Partners (SIX, Baloise, Julius Bär, Generali, PWC, Raiffeisen, Zürcher Kantonalbank, ERI, Capgemini, Tamedia, PostFinance and R3) do. We also work together with VCs and Angels-Networks and invite them for our Investor Day and Demo Day.


What does F10 do for me?

F10 helps the Startups to further develop their product and launch it on the market. We give you a chance to grow your business with the help of our corporate members, partners and mentors. We offer free office space and put you in the spotlight for 6 months, open doors for you and connect you with the C-Levels of the corporate partners.


Do you always require 6 Month for the Accelerator Program?

Yes. Our goal is that the Startups find their first paying customer; and we know from our experience that working with Banks and Insurances takes quite some time.


More Questions?

We want to hear from you! Please get in touch for more information info@f10.ch