Brazilian FinTech & Carnival Event

17.00 - 19.30 pm (CET) F10 FinTech Incubator & Accelerator, Förrlibuckstrasse 10, CH-8005 Zürich

Dear FinTech Enthusiast,

FinTech is often associated with London, New York, Singapore and Zurich. But seldomly you think of Brazil in this context. You should! Not only do we have a Brazilian Startup in our current batch, Brazil is also one of the emerging nations for FinTech Activity. Let’s learn about it together!

We invited experts who will illustrate their insights on Brazilian-Swiss collaboration and the (cultural) challenges they face. Edouardo (founder of Dynasty Global Investments) will shed light on what it means to do business in Switzerland as a Brazilian Startup, while Douglas (founder of Wealth Initiative) will share his experience as a Swiss Startup in Brazil. Marc (F10 Ambassador) will then summarize the current status of Brazilian-Swiss FinTech developments.

Last but not least, it’s that time of year – carnival! Let’s enjoy one or two refreshing Mojitos and don’t forget to bring your costume!

Até à vista!



17:00 Open Doors

17:15 Welcome

17:20 Pitches F10 Startups

18:00 Intro to Brazilian FinTech

  • Opportunities for Brazilian Startups in CH (Edouardo Carvalho, Dynasty Global Investments)
  • Experience of Swiss Startup in Brazil (Douglas Azar, Wealth Initiative)
  • Swiss view on Brazil (Marc Lussy)

19:00 Carnival Apéro


Please send Viola an e-mail if you want to take part of the event: viola.zoller@f10.ch