What all successful Startups should know

09.06.2020 Lifehacks

Mental Toughness: Consider Challenges as an Opportunity

F10 mentor, executive coach and mental toughness expert Matt Lanfear, PhD provided the Startups in the F10 ecosystem with tips on how to cope with uncertainty and stress. Journaling, meditation, and physical activity can play an important role in establishing mental toughness.

01.05.2020 Lifehacks

“The COVID-19 Crisis is a Chance to Show Empathy”

The majority of consumers lose trust when a brand puts profit over people in crises. Many established companies have experienced backlash for ignoring the hardships their employees, as well as customers, are currently facing. Nevertheless, challenging and uncertain times create opportunities for agile companies to support the community and connect further with their target audience. How can Startups with small marketing budgets maintain positive brand communication during the pandemic? F10 mentor and communications expert Lukas Ninck is convinced that no Startup is too small to support the community by sharing their knowledge, making solutions accessible to a broader audience or providing distraction from the daily struggles. These measures have an impact on brand image and on future success.

21.10.2019 Lifehacks, pitching

Stop Doing These Pitching Mistakes

F10 as THE HOME OF FINTECH facilitates collaboration between innovative FinTech Startups and established financial institutions. The high-potential Startups in our “Prototype to Product” program have the opportunity to regularly pitch their teams and solutions in front of potential partners, customers and investors. How can speakers appeal to their audience? What needs to be considered when speaking in public? Which elements are crucial for the presentation? We have listed the most common pitfalls related to pitching and provide tips on how to avoid them.

16.04.2019 Formation, Lifehacks

Nearshoring IT Skills Is More than Cost Reduction

Startups often face difficulties in recruiting IT professionals as they cannot offer the same benefits that international enterprises with millions in their HR budget do. Nearshoring software development and programming to countries with higher availability of skilled workforce is an increasingly popular option to fill open positions in information technology. What needs to be considered when outsourcing IT skills to Eastern Europe?

12.11.2018 Hackathon, Lifehacks

Tips for Pitching your Hackathon Prototypes

After 48 hours of coding and ideation, the teams at the F10 FinTech Hackathon in Vienna are invited to pitch their prototypes in front of jury members, sponsors and the F10 team. Here are tips on how to convince your audience.

03.09.2018 Formation, Hackathon, Lifehacks

Why You Should Build Complementary-Skills Teams at the F10 FinTech Hackathon

F10 FinTech Incubator & Accelerator is looking for talents beyond national borders that want to reshape the finance industry together. To achieve this common goal, we highly recommend working in complementary and diverse teams with a broad skill set to create synergies for the next big thing.

10.07.2018 Formation, Lifehacks

Advice against stress? “Put that shit on paper”

Founding a startup is undoubtedly an exciting experience. But long working hours, a high degree of uncertainty and seemingly endless to-do lists tend to be stressful. What is stress and how does the body react to it? How can stress symptoms be reduced?

15.05.2018 Cofounding, Lifehacks

How to Handle Disagreements within Your Team

“It is unrealistic to expect that during your business partnership your team will not encounter disagreements and conflict”, says Jana Nevrlka, cofounding expert, author of the book “Cofounding the Right Way” and start-up mentor at F10 FinTech Incubator & Accelerator. But conflicts are not necessarily a bad thing: “It brings an opportunity to surface underlying tension, improve understanding and self-knowledge and – if done well – increase the team’s cohesion”, states Jana.

07.05.2018 Lifehacks

The 5 Biggest Networking Mistakes

In almost every handbook on how to develop and promote businesses, the importance of networking is emphasied and a Google search with the keywords “business networking” produces almost 550 million results as of May 2018. Networking is a valuable way to learn from other professionals, industry experts and scholars, generate referrals and business, raise your profile and increase confidence. However, there are some traps when doing business networking. Below are the five biggest networking mistakes and tips on how to avoid them.

27.04.2018 Cofounding, Lifehacks

Equity Split: A Conversation You Need to Have with Your Cofounders

“Selecting the right equity split is a life or death question – no kidding”, says Jana Nevrlka, author of the book “Cofounding the Right Way” and cofounding expert at F10. The example of Facebook – amongst many others – shows that the share of equity every cofounder holds is an essential element to get right.

12.04.2018 Formation, Lifehacks

Why Competition Should Be Irrelevant – the Blue Ocean Strategy

Many entrepreneurs believe that the way to long-term success is to outperform or outpace their competitors and are therefore constantly observing the other market players: Have the rivals lowered their prices? Which product improvements will distinguish their new flag ship from competitors’ offers? Companies following that scheme find themselves in a so-called red ocean - the opposite of blue oceans where new demand and market space are created.

27.10.2017 Lifehacks

What Makes a Pitch a Great Pitch?

At one point or the other, every startup will present their idea, product, or service in front of a big audience. The ability to present is one that you can learn, if you feel rather uncomfortable on stage. But where to start? How do you prepare an excellent pitch? We gathered a few practical insights for you to keep in mind. 

02.10.2017 Lifehacks

5 Skills Every Successful Team Needs

There are number of reasons why startups fail, like; not enough funding, poor product, bad timing, no customers, too much competition, lack of focus, lack of passion, bad location, not profitable, burn out or legal issues.

26.06.2017 Lifehacks

The team is the essential component of startups for success

Why do startups fail who started off with the promising combination of a great idea, a sound business model, and adequate financial resources? Because the starting point was not complete: they lacked the right founding team. A strong team at the onset shapes the direction and development of a new venture considerably – which often decides on the fate of the startup.