05.08.2019 Hackathon

Get prepared – Checklist for the F10 FinTech Hackathon in Singapore

Are you ready to disrupt the financial world with us? Become part of the next big thing. Transfer your business idea into a validated prototype within 48 hours of programming, ideation and fun at the F10 FinTech Hackathon in Singapore. Save the date from Friday, 13th of September, until Sunday, 15th of September 2019. We cannot wait for the second FinTech Hackathon in Singapore to start! For ideal preparation, we have put together a checklist what the participants need to pack and consider.


  • Make sure to get enough sleep the night before the Hackathon as sleep-deprivation may be a temporary side effect of the 48-hours event. The ability to focus will be key.
  • Have you already participated in or heard of the F10 Hackathons? Fantastic! For the second edition of the F10 FinTech Hackathon in Singapore, the basic concept remains the same with some exciting developments. If you are not familiar with the previous events, there is no disadvantage and you find more information about the program on the landing page.
  • The participants of the F10 FinTech Hackathon in Singapore are invited to solve one out of five real-life problem statements. They can either recreate the experience for investment decisions, leverage technology to make private banking scalable, make cross-border payments easier, create the future of accounting or develop a Blockchain-based service or product for a sustainable and trusted future. These challenges have been provided by our platinum sponsors SIX, Julius Baer, Mbanq, PwC as well as F10. Teams – ideally groups of three or four – can pick one problem statement and develop innovative solutions or work on their ideas. Have you fully understood the five challenges?
  • In case you want to develop your idea: be prepared to pitch your vision to participants to build your team.
  • Hackathons are great opportunities to connect with like-minded people. If you attend the F10 FinTech Hackathon in Singapore without knowing who will be in attendance, you can miss out on meeting interesting people such as future customers, investors and business partners because you don’t recognize them or have no idea how to start a conversation with the person you are interested in. Before coming to the Hackathon, scan the list of sponsors, partners and companies present. Do a quick research on the people you would like to connect with.



  • laptop and charger/adapter
  • smartphone and charger/adapter
  • headphones
  • small toilet bag with toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant
  • fresh clothes
  • pyjamas
  • sleeping bag (this is not mandatory but feel free to bring one if you wish to)
  • earplugs
  • personal medicine/allergens
  • business cards

Food and drinks will be offered at the Hackathon, so you don’t have to bring anything to eat or drink unless you have special requests.



The F10 FinTech Hackathon Singapore will take place at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP.

One of our platinum sponsors is opening its doors for the Hackathon. The location combines centrality, great equipment, plus infrastructure. We are happy to invite the game-changers and our F10 community to enjoy the conditions, PwC has to offer. Space will not only be used for ideation and coding but also fun activities, delicious food buffets and relaxing zones. Little sleep might be a temporary side effect, but we promise, it will be worth it, as we will create a memorable experience together.

Friday, 13th of September 2019, at 6.00 pm. Please be on time.
Address: 7 Straits View, Marina One, East Tower, Level 12, Singapore

Please arrange your transportation to the location by yourself. The easiest way to get there is by MRT and the closest stations are ‘Downtown’ and ‘Marina Bay’.

Hackathon participants who wish to stay at a hostel or hotel have to organize the accommodation at their own cost.


Team building:

  • Is it a complementary-skills team? We strongly recommend the Hackathon participants to form complementary-skills teams to benefit as much as possible from each team member’s talents and abilities. Develop innovative solutions, learn from your teammates and exchange knowledge with people from other regions or countries.
  • How diverse is your Hackathon team? Besides different skill sets, teams should also aim for cultural and gender diversity as diverse teams perform better than homogenous groups. We have analysed what successful teams have in common. The findings: gender-diverse teams perform best. The diversity factor is even believed to have more significant implications than the intelligence of individual members. The presence of female team members in male-dominated work areas increases objectivity, the group’s performance and overall satisfaction with the tasks. F10 therefore, highly encourages the Hackathon participants to form diverse teams.



  • Talk to people outside your professional bubble at events. This will enhance your general knowledge, increase your confidence, lead to unexpected business opportunities and raise your profile – which makes you more attractive to interact with.
  • Show interest in other attendants, mentors and sponsors: studies have shown that most people feel more connected to their conversation partners if they are good listeners. Show genuine interest in your contacts, ask relevant questions, listen actively and emphasize that you understand what the other person is saying. You don’t have to remember every single fact but memorize the central idea. This will help you reconnect on the next occasion you meet and makes following-up after the event easier.
  • Make a list of your new contacts after the F10 FinTech Hackathon, add every person you rate as valuable to the list. This knowledge can help open a conversation the next time you meet and in establishing a long-term business relationship.


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