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02.10.2017 Lifehacks

5 Skills Every Successful Team Needs

There are number of reasons why startups fail, like; not enough funding, poor product, bad timing, no customers, too much competition, lack of focus, lack of passion, bad location, not profitable, burn out or legal issues.

Two hard facts from KfW Gründungsmonitor 2012:

32% of all startups do not survive the first 3 years
40% of the firms that file insolvency are younger than 4 years


Main reason is, bad team!

Innovation is a people business and teamwork. Great teams are interdisciplinary and intercultural. Diversity is key for success!


Create teams with these 5 characters:

1. The Leader

She represents the product and your company to your stakeholders.
In corporate startups, she is the person who takes calculated risks!

2. The Director

She likes to take the reins and can motivate the team!

3. The People Guy

She is the glue of the team that gets everyone working together.

4. The Hurdler

She never gives up and always looks for a solution. She is the person who tells the team at 8pm, “we don’t have a great solution yet. Let’s do another brainstorming session now!”

5. The Storyteller

She can tell best stories and visualize every idea.


This doesn’t mean that you must be a team of five to be successful. Very often team members have 2 or even 3 of these skills, so teams of 2 – 3 are ok. But it means your team must have all these five characters!


Thomas Landis

Head of F10 & Startup Coach – SIX Group

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