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02.07.2020 Corporate Members

SIX and F10 Startup Exeon Analytics Partner for New Cyber Security Service

This summer, SIX has complemented its Cyber Security Services with Network Traffic Analysis as a Service (NTAaaS). An integral part of the new solution is the network detection and response tool ExeonTrace developed by the F10 Startup Exeon Analytics. The partnership was supported by THE HOME OF FINTECH.

20.04.2020 Startups

“Sales Is More About Listening than About Talking”

Since the outbreak of the pandemic and the start of the lockdown, it has become increasingly difficult for B2B Startups to connect with their target audience and establish trust without physical visits. Nevertheless, crises also offer opportunities for agile players able to adjust their messaging, reassess product-market fit and prove expertise on relevant topics. Manuel Hartmann, the founder of the Sales Accelerator SalesPlaybook, provides tips on how Startups can improve remote selling.

09.04.2020 Startups

Staying Close to Clients During the Corona Crisis Is Decisive

Startup investments have decreased significantly since the outbreak of COVID-19 and Startups have laid off employees during the first weeks of the pandemic. Nonetheless, the corona crisis might also create opportunities for agile teams – given they are able to address the challenges that their customers are facing with user-centred solutions. F10 mentor and innovation strategist Brigitta Gyoerfi explains how entrepreneurs can stay attuned to the needs of their customers or potential clients during lockdown.

12.03.2020 Startups

5 Reasons Why You Should Apply to the F10 Scaleup Program

Mature FinTech Startups looking to grow their business need strong partners. The F10 Scaleup Program fosters collaboration between international post-revenue, post-seed Startups and the F10 Corporate Members. Read here why your Startup should apply to the recently launched Accelerator Program starting in Zurich in May 2020.

28.06.2019 Startups

The Big Players and Innovative Startups Need to Collaborate

Most finance experts agree that the financial sector must reinvent itself to satisfy the needs of the next generations of customers. F10 strongly believes that traditional institutions should collaborate – not compete – with more agile and disruptive FinTech Startups to achieve stronger customer focus and stay competitive in the face of globalization and digitalization. Mature FinTech, RegTech and InsurTech Startups are invited to pitch their solutions and meet representatives from renowned institutions in finance, banking, insurance and digitalization during the P3 “Product to Market” day at THE HOME OF FINTECH to further innovation in the financial world together.

20.05.2019 Startups

InterlockLedger: the Startup that Wants More from Blockchain

“The blockchain, like most ground-breaking new technologies, came with a big promise: to provide both decentralization and security using distributed and immutable ledgers. This approach has led to clear benefits, but we want more”, Ricardo Orsi, CEO from the FinTech Startup InterlockLedger says. By “more”, the Brazilian entrepreneur means: better design with processing and storage divided by nodes that offers the same results with fewer resources and processing. Read in this interview how InterlockLedger wants to innovate the finance industry with blockchain.

26.02.2019 Co-Working

Why Zurich Is the Place to Be for Startups

The closeness to established institutions in finance, banking and insurance as well as the availability of well-educated and experienced employees and the high quality of life make Zurich the most attractive place in the region to run a FinTech, RegTech or InsurTech Startup. In April 2019, the F10 FinTech Co-Working space will open and bring innovative Startups, future clients, potential investors and industry experts together under one roof in the heart of the innovation hub Zurich.

20.08.2018 Alumni

Cooperation: F10 Alumni Join FinTech and RegTech Forces

F10 alumni Apiax and Enterprise Bot combined their FinTech and RegTech expertise to showcase their vision of a personal digital compliance officer. The two Startups talk about their plans for the industry in an interview.

30.07.2018 Startups

What an African Folklore Hero Has to Do with the Insurance of Swiss SME

A dynamic insurance model for small and medium sized businesses that grows with its customers: this is the vision of Anansi, one of the Startups participating in the third batch of F10 Incubator & Accelerator’s P2 “Prototype to Product” program. Anansi cofounder and CEO Megan Bingham-Walker tells us how it all started, where their Startup’s name comes from, what their most important learnings within the last months were and how she and her business partner Ana de Carvalho have faced challenges.

18.07.2018 Alumni

How a Failed Startup Experience Opened the Door to Revolutionizing the Swiss Banking Scene

F10 alumni and Startup co-founder Patrik Hansson took part in the first batch of the F10 program. At the end of the program, however, the team decided not to move on. Startup mentor Jürg Steiger had seen the young entrepreneur in action during the first batch of the F10 “Prototype to Product” program and decided to recruit him for the management team of the online investment advisory service Clear Minds. Here is the story of Patrik and Jürg.