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18.06.2019 Co-Working

How to Network in a Co-Working Space

For the existing and potential F10 community to benefit the most from the various stakeholders, F10 as THE HOME OF FINTECH is offering work and collaboration space for FinTech enthusiasts. The F10 Co-Working Space is the place where the FinTech ecosystem comes together to further innovation in the financial world. Here are five tips about how to network in a Co-Working Space and exploit the opportunities that co-working provides.

23.04.2019 Co-Working

How Entrepreneurs Benefit from Co-Working

F10 has recognized the need for scalable office space in Zurich and opened the F10 FinTech Co-Working Space designed especially for the needs of growing FinTech, InsurTech and RegTech Startups in April 2019. In addition to the centrally-located building with modern interior design and well-equipped workstations, we created an environment which fits best for a co-working mentality. These are the advantages that co-working spaces offer for emerging Startups.

08.04.2019 Co-Working

7 Facts & Figures about Co-Working

We are thrilled to announce the official opening of the F10 FinTech Co-Working Space! Co-working offers many advantages: less distraction than working from public cafés, scalability of desks and meeting rooms as well as easy access to relevant business networks, exciting industry events and like-minded people. We have put together seven facts and figures about co-working and its increasing importance.

26.02.2019 Co-Working

Why Zurich Is the Place to Be for Startups

The closeness to established institutions in finance, banking and insurance as well as the availability of well-educated and experienced employees and the high quality of life make Zurich the most attractive place in the region to run a FinTech, RegTech or InsurTech Startup. In April 2019, the F10 FinTech Co-Working space will open and bring innovative Startups, future clients, potential investors and industry experts together under one roof in the heart of the innovation hub Zurich.