Global innovation in FinTech through expert collaboration

F10 is the leading collaboration space for FinTech in Switzerland and Singapore, focusing on innovation in the finances industry for a better future. F10’s programs promote the successful growth of Startups in the FinTech, RegTech, and InsurTech industries. At the same time, F10 gives its board of corporate members access to the latest ideas and prototypes.

F10 is sponsored by SIX, the operator of Switzerland’s stock market and a powerful centre of world-leading service providers in securities trading, securities transactions, financial information processing, and cashless payment transactions.

Our excellent connections allow us to connect fresh Startups with experienced corporate members and invest in today’s best ideas for a brighter future for the whole world.

The people behind F10

Meet the inspired team

Andreas Iten

Co–Founder & Member of the Board of F10 – SIX Group

Gerrit Sindermann

Head F10 Zurich - SIX Group

James Sanders

Project Manager & Startup Coach – SIX Group

Viola Zoller

Event & Community Manager - SIX Group

Sofia Oikonomou

Program Manager – SIX Group

Deborrah Schaer

Startup Coach – SIX Group

Robin Sengupta

Startup Coach – SIX Group

Olivia Neubauer

Communication, Marketing & PR – SIX Group

Manuela Vernaschi

Office Management - SIX Group

Magdalena Tuta

Junior Startup Coach & Program Organizer – SIX Group

Jonas Thürig

Head F10 Singapore - SIX Group

Lisa Schröder

Operations & Program Lead Singapore – SIX Group

Jayadeep Apte

Startup Coach Singapore - SIX Group

Ranjan Rj

Junior Startup Coach & Program Organizer Singapore – SIX Group


Our advisors are at the frontline of the global FinTech revolution

Spiros K. Margaris

Senior Advisor

Spiros is globally ranked No.1 fintech & No. 2 insurtech influencers by Onalytica. Venture capitalist, futurist, keynote speaker and senior advisor (some of the advisory mandates: wefox Group, SparkLabs Global, mediastalker, Yield Growth, and F10 Accelerator), is the founder of Margaris Ventures, and is the first international influencer to achieve ‘The Triple Crown’ ranking. He was ranked the international № 1 FinTech, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) influencer by Onalytica. He regularly appears in the top three positions of established global industry influencer rankings. He is a keynote speaker at international FinTech, and InsurTech conferences. He also gave a TEDxAcademy Talk. He published an AI white paper, “Machine learning in financial services: Changing the rules of the game,” for the enterprise software vendor SAP. First non-IBM Keynote Speaker at the biggest IBM event in Europe (10/2019) “2019 IBM Systems Technical University”.

Marc Lussy

Senior Advisor

Before becoming a partner at IBO, a company who provides investment performance comparison across banks, Marc worked as a trader and in the wealth management for more than a decade. Subsequently he was put in charge of large-scale change-management and IT projects at different banks. Following this he became an independent adviser on banking and digitization. He see himself as a fintech aficionado from day one and have been sharing his insights as a blogger. He is a guest lecturer for banking, leadership and digitization at various universities and contributor to leading Swiss finance magazines. The crucial criteria for all his endeavors: “It must be fun, I want to learn something and want to leave a legacy.

Dominic Olonetzky

Senior Advisor

As a former member of PwC's EMEA Digital Leadership Team, Dominic brings many years of experience and has led various digital projects across different industries such as banking, industrial, pharmaceuticals and telecommunication. In addition to establishing a digital business unit for PwC Switzerland, he was also responsible for the setup of innovation vehicles and supported the launch of different startups globally. He is specialized in strategy for the digital age, disruptive business models, organization design and human centered service design.

Lan-Thy Mai

Michael Katz

David Schork


Rishi Chattopadhyay


Before picking up a consultant role as a freelancer, Rishi worked as a program manager and finance expert for leading companies in their fields. In banking, he has worked for UBS, Credit Suisse, Coutts and Bank Julius Bär. Subsequently, he was put in charge of large-scale change-management and digitization projects at various banks. Following this he became an independent advisor for digital business and finance transformation. Rishi joined F10 as a mentor and subject matter expert. He is on a mission to build and develop the FinTech and WealthTech world to enable client experience and has a passion for solutions. Rishi is happy to inspire and to share his insights of hands-on problem solver approach with the Hackathon teams.


F10 collaborates with leading companies at the frontier of technology

Digital Festival

At the first Digital Festival in Zurich, important decision-makers, international companies and the tech world will come together to discuss the digital future in the context of the Swiss economy in Zurich from 15–18 September, 2016. With an eye on the challenges and opportunities for the Swiss economy we found the ideal partner for fintech with F10, which is the crux of the matter for finance in Switzerland. With its track record F10 hast proven to move things forward with a huge impact. We are convinced that together with F10 we can move Switzerland forward in digitization.

Finance 2.0

Finance 2.0 is the biggest Fintech platform of Switzerland. It is the event of the Fintech ecosystem in Switzerland. Finance 2.0 works closely together with F10, because SIX as the national infrastructure provider, F10 and the SIXHackathon play an important role in fostering the Swiss innovation capacity hands on. This fits perfectly with our philosophy and it is a great enrichment for our Finance 2.0


The Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) is a Switzerland based association that connects smart money investors to seed and early stage tech startups. SICTIC Fintech Angels is a vertical of SICTIC with angel investors that invest in Swiss Fintech startups. The Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) works closely with F10 and organizes SICTIC Fintech Investor Days to connect smart money investors to startups in the SIX FinTech Incubator F10 to help that they get easier access to funding as they are about to leave the F10 programme.

Process Brand Evolution

A brand is a valuable asset – a strong brand reinforces a company’s competitive advantage, both on a strategic level and in day-to-day business situations. It inspires and shapes the entire organisation: staff, range of services, the way a company communicates with the world. Process Brand Evolution is an independent branding and design agency based in Zurich, Shanghai and Taipei. We work for clients such as Migros, Credit Suisse, BKW, Edelweiss Air and Marché Mövenpick. We define brands and orchestrate them. Our branding experts’ holistic approach provides valuable support for all business undertakings and our work has won numerous awards. Partnering with F10 is a great opportunity to share our know-how in branding and design with young entrepreneurs. It is a fantastic way for us to boost and inspire innovation and great new ideas.


BlueGlass Interactive is a remarkable international digital marketing agency. Located in Zurich, London and Tallinn. BlueGlass possesses enormous digital marketing know-how and leads numerous well-known clients to commercial success with their online media. Our mission: “To change the way companies market themselves online with extraordinary strategies, services and software, powered by the best minds in digital marketing.” The BlueGlass range of award winning services contains Digital Strategy Consulting, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media and Digital Campaigns. The main focus is always on quality and sustainability. The data-driven BlueGlass strategies deliver results that impact the client’s business in a measurable way. BlueGlass Interactive understands the need to be nimble and industrious while moving between services to do what’s best for the client’s brand, and not what fits in a constricting month-to-month, cookie-cutter box.

Swiss Finance + Technology Association

Swiss FinteCH is an independent member-based association which aims to serve as the hub for #swissfinteCH. Our members are individuals connected to the eco.


NOIVA is a non-profit organization, founded in Winterthur in 2010 and currently working mainly in the Middle East, particularly in Jordan. It is dedicated to two things, which are … … humanitarian aid As a nongovernmental organization (NGO) NOIVA offers support on different levels to sections of the population under threat: it organizes emergency aid in crisis areas, yet also aims to implement long-term measures of development aid in places with a lack of jobs, schools, children’s homes etc. NOIVA is of the conviction that it is indispensable to support local economies through initiatives, investment and know-how in order «to help people help themselves» in a sustainable way. At this point in time the following projects are carried out on a regular basis: food provisions, home visits, repair and improvement of housing, advice for women and mothers, programs for children, sport projects, creative workshops and computer classes. … reconciliation work The profound conflicts in the Middle East regions unfortunately keep destroying critical progress. This means for us: material support is important, but does not solve the underlying problem. This is the reason why NOIVA also initiates projects reaching across population groups, nations and borders, for example related to the economy, education and the arts. By creating direct contacts reservations and prejudices are reduced; mutual trust can gradually be developed instead. The basis for this commitment is the conviction that a culture of reconciliation and friendship will be at the core of a renewed interconnectedness in the Middle East. The slogan «Shaping Worlds of Peace» expresses NOIVA’s main goal: to create peace – on all levels and by all means.

Go Beyond

Go Beyond Investing is a leading European FinTech company transforming angel investing into a new scalable asset class for small and large, novice to experienced investors. The company offers a unique deal platform, portfolio tools, syndication/pooling, due diligence, investment monitoring services, training and certified deal leaders across technology, industrial, consumer, internet & mobile and impact sectors. Go Beyond is headquarted in Zurich and has a presence in Basel, Brussels, Florida, Lausanne, Madrid, Malta, Munich, and Paris.


VISCHER is one of the leading independent Swiss business law firms. Our team of close to 100 lawyers and tax experts is dedicated to providing effective solutions in legal, tax and regulatory matters. We work across the country out of two offices, located in Zürich and Basel, the two largest business centers of Switzerland.


Moneycab is covering the Swiss economy since 2001. Exclusive CEO interviews and a focus on Startups, Digitization, ITC and Finance make Moneycab the premium source of information for decision makers.

Pioneers’ Club PCU

The Pioneers’ Club PCU was founded in 2003 as a non-profit organization in order to promote exchange of experience and expertise between young and established entrepreneurs alike. Focusing on innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, the PCU provides Pioneers with a valuable, international and intersectoral network with above-average potential. This exclusive networking platform gives Pioneers the opportunity to meet each other at events or on the PCU Community Platform. Together with F10 the PCU will organize events where FinTech entrepreneurs can meet and exchange their experiences and entreprenuerial challenges.

Fintech News Switzerland

Fintechnews.ch covers stories about the Fintech Ecosystem – i.e. Mobile Payment, Personal Finance, Bitcoin, Blockchain, Regtech, Robo Advisor, Lending and Startups in Switzerland and Europe. Fintech News Switzerland also provides a bi-weekly newsletter with the most important information about the Fintech industry in Switzerland.

swissnex San Francisco

swissnex San Francisco is part of a global network with nodes in the world’s most innovative hubs – Bangalore, Boston, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Rio de Janeiro – where the future is being shaped. In San Francisco, we have over a decade of experience connecting Switzerland and North America through knowledge sharing. swissnex is an initiative of Switzerland’s State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI), managed in cooperation with the Department of Foreign Affairs. In San Francisco, swissnex is an annex of the Consulate General of Switzerland. A public-private venture, vital financial support is provided by partners, sponsors, and donors sharing swissnex San Francisco’s commitment to connecting the dots.


DIventures is a venture capital firm, based in Zurich/Berlin/New York focused on accelerating FinTech and RegTech innovations and trends. DIventures’ proven investment strategy spans all stages of a company's growth, from seeding innovations to funding early-stage companies to fueling the growth of market leaders. We can add value and offer expert guidance (eg IT, Finance, Legal, Payments) throughout a startup’s lifecycle - whether the company's big idea is at its inception or has already progressed to be a viable reality.


GAN is a highly curated community of accelerators, partners, & investors, helping startups build businesses & make a meaningful impact, wherever they call home. GAN has more than 80 accelerators in their community, running programs in 120+ cities all over the world, which have supported a total of around 4,700 startups. GAN provides industry data and accelerator best practices, unparalleled networking opportunities, training, special perks, and ongoing support for its members and their entrepreneurs. Furthermore, GAN is actively connecting their member accelerators and their startups to their network of corporate partners and investors who play a vital role in helping startups scale their businesses.


AIESEC is a global youth-led organization striving to achieve peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential by activating leadership qualities in youth through learning from practical experiences in challenging environments. Together with partner organizations, AIESEC facilitates a network of cross-cultural exchanges in the form of volunteering and professional experiences.


F10 is at the beating heart of the global financial system in Switzerland – and we’re exceptionally well-placed to help you, whether you are a Startup with a fantastic idea or prototype, seeking to benefit as a corporate member or an investor. With our strategic location in Zurich and superlative connections to some of the biggest and most established financial services in the country, our mission is to help you achieve your goals with all the help and support you need.

Our spacious offices accommodate up to 50 people and operates as a hub of innovation for Startups seeking a flexible, yet dynamic workspace from which to launch tomorrow’s great ideas. The multicultural, international environment we provide also acts as a creative catalyst, bringing ideas and minds together to boost productivity while building on the fruit of collaboration.

Most of all, there is space to let ideas grow and transform into reality, whether accommodating a new entrepreneur or an experienced veteran. We drive innovation while giving our Startups the freedom they need to breathe their ideas to life, supported by experience and knowledge.


Building collaborative ecosystems

We bring Startups and corporate members together in powerful collaborative partnerships to accelerate growth and innovation. More than just acceleration, we also provide co-working spaces, investment and innovation in the corporate sphere.

You’ll find our office in the heart of the city – Stop by for a coffee if you happen to be in the neighbourhood!


Looking for a new challenge?

The Home of FinTech aims to bring individual talents and Startups together to empower the FinTech ecosystem further and boost collaboration.

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