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F10 is a Zurich based FinTech Incubator and Accelerator which supports and guides Startups in transforming their ideas into successful companies while stimulating worldwide collaboration with international finance organizations.

The accelerator already has a proven track record of innovation, acceleration, and product creation for financial services. Working with SIX, the Swiss stock exchange and other leading financial institutions, F10 is at the forefront of the new financial paradigm, bridging the gap between exciting new ideas and tomorrow’s leading products.

The FinTech Hackathon is coming to Zurich

Welcome game changers!
We are ready to disrupt the financial world with you.
Save the date: 22nd to 24th of March 2019

FinTech Hackathon

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FinTech Hackathon

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14. November, 2018   Hackathon   Internal

Checklist for the F10 FinTech Hackathon in Vienna

The F10 Program


Idea to  Prototype

Idea to Prototype

Once a year, F10 will offer a 48 hour Design Thinking Idea Boot Camp, which aims to transfer an idea into a validaded Prototype. The goal is to stimulate idea generation and support to new ideas.


Prototype to Product

Prototype to Product

Teams with a thrilling prototype can participate in the product development program where they develop a minimal viable product and incorporate their startup. Participants are not required to be fully on site.


Product to  Market

Product to Market

F10 acts as platform for fostering meaningful collaboration between startups and F10 corporate members to produce Proofs of Concept – despite having differing speeds, scales and mentalities.