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P2: Prototype to Product

Twice a year, F10 will offer a six-month "Prototype to Product" program in which up to 20 teams / startups will be supported in transitioning their prototype to a sellable product. Registration is now open for the second batch starting on July 3rd, 2017. Each team will be supported by a coach from the F10 team as well as an external mentor. All teams will have access to working space at F10 in Zurich. However, teams / startups are not required to be on site for the duration of the program.


The program offers lessons and workshops grouped into five units

Vision, Team, Strategy

Business, Product & Technology

Marketing & Sales

Legal & Regulations

Demo Day & Graduation

At the end of each training session, teams will identify milestones they must reach prior to the next session. Coaches and mentors will have regular contact with the teams in order to ensure that they are on track and to provide assistance as required.

For these lessons and workshops at least one member of the founding team is required to be present on location (Zurich or Geneva). SIX assists in defraying travel expenses with a 15’000 CHF reimbursement for each team funded in badges. Funding will only be given if the team reached the identified milestones properly.

Program Criteria

The program is intended for international teams/startups with a prototype in FinTech, RegTech, or InsuranceTech. The definition of a prototype can be very broad; most important is that a real problem has been identified and validated, and that the needs of potential customers are addressed. Teams/startups need not be incorporated or complete in order to participate in the program.


Reasons you should join F10

In-depth experience of all aspects of the financial industry and top level access to big financial players

Comprehensive accelerator programs adjusted to your stage, beginning with ideation through prototyping all the way up to have your product successfully on the market

Access to our global Network of banks, regulators, angels, VC’s. For example SIX being owned by 140 national and international banks

Coverage of your expenses for attending the program of CHF 15k per Team in program “P2 Prototype to Product”

International renowned Mentors and Coaches guiding you on your path of success

Central location in down town Zurich in the heart of Zurich’s nightlife district and in walking distance of technology and financial institutions

Totally free of charge! We do not take equity!

Registration P2

Registration for P2 program is now open! REGISTER NOW

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