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Become a part of the FinTech Ecosystem

F10 and its corporate members already screened over 160 international Startups and picked the teams where they see the most potential and possibilities for collaboration in the future. Only the top ten have made it into the program. During the "P2 Product to Market" the Startups learn all the different aspects to be successful. At the end of the program they will have found a company and be ready for you to invest. F10 as a non profit organization already invested resources, time, and some money but it is not holding any equity of the Startups. Also F10 will not invest further into the Startups, but corporate members and mentors involved are free to do so.


Risk minimization

Learn and see more from the team

See how they develop

Learn about interests of corporate members

Some startups will already have interest from big organizations to do a proof of concept directly

The startups will be ready to invest in

Startups in program

Our next program will begin July 3rd

Contact a Startup

We connect you with the stars

We connect you with the brains behind the projects. Just give us a call or write us an email, we are looking forward to bring you on the round table.

Markus Graf

Markus Graf